Picking up abandoned projects!

I’ve left a lot of things biting the dust. Here are some projects that I hope to continue to update at some point in the near future. I cannot say for certain with what regularity these will be updated, but they will be revisited, certainly!

100 Tales – I plan to finish these.

Design Is (Mini-Poster Series based on the poem I wrote) – Will be finished. I’m going to stick to Illustrator and minimalism though, for classier results that I am more proud of.

Bet I – Chaptered series. I still have all my notes on where I wanted this story to go, so yep, it will come back!

Illustrator Crash Course – YES, I WILL FINISH THIS. I had 15 days left and by the time I reach the end, I plan on creating a logo. Probably for the NYU Social Chess Club, or for my own personal portfolio.

If you know of any other projects I have abandoned, comment and let me know! I’ll add them in.


3 thoughts on “Picking up abandoned projects!

  1. Wow that’s the spirit! Good luck! I’m especially excited for Bet I! If only I had your motivation..but since I don’t I can only cheer you on! hehe

    • Thanks! I knowww, I was pretty into Bet I when I started but it was just one of those side projects I forgot about 😦 Or well…let fall to the side and didn’t do anything about. Thank you for the support! I’d love to see continuations of some of your stories too FYI

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