Money vs. Time

Guap. Dough. Moolah. There are all sorts of hilarious words and phrases that mean “money (to blow)” and whatever phrase you prefer, I have definitely earned a fair amount this month. In addition to working my work-study job, I’ve also been tutoring on the weekends at home. Yay for being a commuter, I guess? Its a great source of income, I’ve practically doubled my monthly wages!

What am I going to do with all this extra money? HOARD IT of course. I want to go somewhere this summer with Nabila ❤

But blog posts should be insightful, not just highly personalized because really, who will care? (Other than you, Nabila)

I’ve often found that money is earned at the expense of happiness. I would be much more happy if I had free time but instead, I spend all that extra time studying or working. College students these days are increasingly juggling a rising workload, along with rising financial burdens thanks to the ridiculous market inflation and economic recession. It all forecasts a really pathetic future if you ask me. College students will spend at least 20+ hours of their week studying, and then another 15 or so in actual classtime. (All estimates are extremely rough, I’m not writing a paper here!). In addition to that, a student might intern for 10-20 hours per week. A student may work for approximately that amount. Crazy students might do both! That’s already nearly 90 hours spent on work & school alone. You have to then factor in the hours a college student spends sleeping (Any more than 5 hours and I’m overjoyed) and you’ll see that there isn’t too much time a student has to unwind. Oh right and factor in some time for eating! You’d be surprised but agreeing to grab dinner with your friends can cost you up to 2 hours, from the minute you stop studying till the minute you start again. There is procrastination, the amount of time spent on social networking sites, blogging, or instant messaging. And of course, just studying and completing one’s coursework isn’t enough, one has to excel both academically AND socially in school. Attending club meetings OR god forbid, leading a club’s e-board are a time sink! I spend hours upon hours every week in a meeting, preparing for a meeting, or preparing something else needed for a meeting. Last but not least, commute is a big factor in everything! I can deduct 3 hours per day, minimum, for commute alone.

We barely have time to stop and breathe!  My days this semester are hectic, and thats without studying for the LSAT’s. Once I factor those in, procrastination and blogging can say bye-bye to me until the LSAT’s are all over!

So yeah the extra money is great, but I’m not too sure how I manage to do everything that I do. Leading an Alternative Breaks site, being a member of 2 E-Boards, taking 16 credit hours (For which the recommended study time is at least 32 hours/week, if one applies the standard of 2 hours of study per credit hour of courseload), commuting, tutoring, and getting my assignments done on time. Quite a feat, and though I haven’t cracked under the pressure, I know of too many students who have.

On a final note, I want to tally up how ridiculously few hours we have to ourselves every day.

5 Hours – Sleep
4 Hours – Commute
4 Hours – Classtime
4 Hours – Work
2 Hours – Meals, Shower
>>>> This is already 19 hours! I haven’t factored in homework or procrastination yet.

We need more hours in a day 😦 This s my brilliant conclusion: Money is overstated, and unnecessarily necessary to survive in today’s society. Time is never plentiful, and students are burdened by the necessity to make money, thus greatly impacting their sleep & study schedules. Not enough time to do everything and still, somehow, everything must be done.


7 thoughts on “Money vs. Time

  1. Yeah I think you can edit all comments, which is pretty strange.. I think I can edit yours too when you post on mine *shrugs*

  2. Huh wow you really can’t, that’s lame! No editing or deleting of comments allowed 😦 Or well, I think I can go in and edit comments people post…?

    Not sure, thats weird

  3. ugh wow thats not working LOL I can’t delete comments? Huh the more I find out xD anyways. MONEY IS GREATER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE BUT PRYANKA IS THE MATHEMATICAL RELATIONSHIP I WAS TRYING TO INPUT.

  4. Oh man. This just gives me flashbacks of last semester -__- working 32 hours a week, full time student, and e-board of two clubs is no fun. By early March I was like half dead to the point where I was cutting one class to do work for another << counter-productiveness ftl.

    At least you're keeping yourself busy 😛 Good luck!

  5. ’tis moolah and dough!! Plus commuter saves money by itself + this job…. so money savvy this sem~ hehehee

    LOL THAT PARENTHESIS. YES. I CARE A LOT. I LOVE YOUR BLOG TO DEATHHH *number one fan status!* *If anyone tries to take that from me I’ll literally tear you to shreds. I don’t care if you have undying love for Pryanka. Torn.To.Shreds.*

    ….. the numbers.. they’re mindblowing >__< (too simple minded for this kind of thing)
    I agree not much time is spent studying! And there's no free time! and omg 19 hours. I never tallied it up. That's crazy. It should ideally be 6 hours for sleep but eehhh. sigh.

    If it becomes too much you should quit doing one of your multiple activities! Or start living in the city! But.. I don't know, you won't see the kid's lil sis if you stop tutoring and that's insane money everything else but Pryanka XD

    Your conclusion is godly by the way. If anyone disagrees they’re complete nutcases.

    Last comment: This is better than the essays I had to read in my English text..

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