Nail Art (Look #1)

I can take pictures of this and post step-by-step how I did everything if anybody is interested?

Otherwise, I’m not sure, I may have mentioned that I bought 100 FIMO sticks around a week ago on Amazon. Well those sticks arrived and I definitely spent all night slicing up all the butterflies I received! You saw a picture I put up last night I think? It was pretty grueling, my thumb still hasn’t regained all feeling and my pointer finger is just brused from using that open blade for so long. But I definitely have at least a thousand fimo slices ready to be used. I tried them out on my nails for the first time today and the result is pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Here you go, take a look! I used the fimo slices on my left hand and left my right hand with just simple nail art. I didn’t want to try placing the slices with my left hand, it was hard enough when I was using my right!

Take a look 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nail Art (Look #1)

  1. The only letter fimo stick I have says love on it I think 😛
    But letters would be pretty cool too haha.

    I AM GLAD YOU LIKE THOUGH! Give me the privilege of doing your nails someday when you’re back 😀

  2. Yes! Post a step by step!!!
    And these arrived really quickly, I feel like it was just a few days ago you were saying you ordered stuff from amazon ahaha
    without the little filmo add the nails look really fancy & eloquent! You’re realllyy good at thesee
    & with them it gives them a lot of oomph! LOOKS SO COOL AND PRETTYYY I like how you tried different style butterflies on eachhh. It’s so cutee! You gotta do stars sometimee~ are there filmo sticks for letters? That would be so cool too!
    This kinda reminds me of hennaa, Next time you do that I wanna see a pic of it tooo

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