[7] Heaven I

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I was tryna write you a song,
But the lyrics, they
Didn’t feel original.

Tried to write a poem,
But the rhymes were off
And I couldn’t even get the line

I tried to blog,
Get my creativity out in prose,
But the words just wouldn’t come.

I don’t know why, maybe
We just didn’t fit together, you
And I. But then I pause, and reconsider,
Because maybe we did.

And if we did, then how could I have let you go,
Hold you in my arms but let my heart wander.
Knowing you are the one, but
Not listen to my subconscious.

I didn’t do right by you
And they say everything is written
So maybe we have a shot in the stars,
Under the moonlight, love might come again unbidden.

I say unbidden, because I never had to call.
Your smile was there, it was enough
Because you set my heart aflutter with
Your hopes and your dreams
And your crazy childish fantasies
That I loved.

This is why when I was with you,
We were in heaven. Just a little bit,
You had me flying high and low,
Going up and down with you, in and out with you,
Going in and out of this love that we didn’t
Even fully recognize ourselves,

But now I know,
And its because I feel like I’ve lost you.


4 thoughts on “[7] Heaven I

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  3. Yeah I got more into the rhythm..I was almost tryna sing those last few stanzas out loud to get the meter/rhythm right 🙂 Glad you like!

    I did this purposefully BTW. He starts out sort of struggling and then once the real emotions come out, the writing becomes more effortless.

  4. ooh I like the start! The start is so simple and casual. The concept of this reminds me of something I learned in the Simpsons, haha. “you never know how much you love something until you lose it” The last couple of lines had amazing rhythm to them, I loved ’em ❤ Going up and down with you, in and out with you~

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