[7] Heaven II

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She stumbled back into his apartment after their night out, feeling more alive than she had in a long time. Their relationship had long since silvered, the gilded facade of perfection chipped to reveal the stainless steel underneath.

He went into the bathroom first and she walked toward his bed. Their bed. They had picked it out together two years. $50 secondhand bedframe from some guy in Union Square who was holding a moving out sale. It was compact, made for life in a cramped city apartment. The headboard, they had made themselves. Well…Roxy had worked on it, Tyler had just stood by and watched. Handed her a scissor and a button when she needed it. The plush headboard was perfect, because Roxy loved reading and she could lean back against this, there was no need for pillows. It also made for comfier sex. Not that he had tried anything daring in a while…

She picked up his coat from the bed to go hang it up, but dislodged a piece of paper instead

I’m like a dusty record, she’s a shiny new track.

The taste of her perfume is still intoxicating
My heart still beats faster, her skin is still divine.
We still fit. We still understand each other too much,
We can complete each others thoughts. The good and the bad.
I don’t need to lie to her. She looks beautiful, no matter what.
She’s like a slice of heaven. My own slice of perfection, and
I can’t believe I considered letting her go.

Tears in her eyes, she walked into the bathroom after Tyler. She came up behind him and hugged him. His shoulders stiffened from the sudden contact, then softened as he leaned back into her and looked over her inquisitively, toothbrush held in place by his teeth.

“You’re still my slice of heaven too,” she mumbled as the tears continued to slide gracefully down the curve of her cheeks

3 thoughts on “[7] Heaven II

  1. Aw yayyy, so glad you like 🙂 Yep, once he’s set his mind to rekindling, he is damn good at it!

    Do you like my navigation? I went and edited all of 100 tales to make navigating through the stories much easier 🙂

  2. Hiiii!!! Sorry it took me a while to end up reading, but here I ammm! I must say, love that metaphor in the beginning. Got me hooked from the start!

    The whole piece was ADORABLEEEE. He is sooo romantic, omgg~ a poemmm *swoons*

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