AmLit – Almost done with Puritans…

Puritans = Self righteousness but also pretentious assholes who use God as their excuse for murder, rape, revenge, inferiority, conquest, and everything else that is wrong and evil in this world.

Sept 16 Awakening
  • Jonathan Edwards: “Personal Narrative”[384-396];
  • “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”;
  • Letter to Rev Dr. Benjamin Colman [417-436];
  • “The Beauty of the World”* Excerpt…
Sept 28 Enlightenment
  • Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography Parts I & II. [472-534]
Relevant Notes, 
Sensory Apprehension of the Divine
● Difference between having a rational judgment that honey is sweet and having a sense of its sweetness.
● Why use sweet over and over again? Appears in personal narrative
● Words used - delight, pleasure, sweet, etc
● Qualification of sensory data of grace is important b/c one is not simply aware that Grace is sweet, one has experienced its sweetnes
● Understands cost of losing the world - walk in the world but not of it (Puritan’s relation to mortality)
Benjamin Franklin + John Edwards
● Commitment to exercise and power of reason
● Defines what Enlightenment even means - willing to consider that truth is not simply ordained but that it is out there and power of reason can prove or demonstrate that truth
● Forward looking psychology. Interested in defining what makes human beings tick

● Ben Franklin isn’t a Puritan
● Franklin = Power of reason to control your future. Moves from theological vision that defines truth in relationship to God’s tellings to Bible.
● Finds Truth in power of reason, not in power of Divine. Wants to know how much humans can regulate own conduct
● Edwards = Need Grace to move/motivate you toward understanding
● Edwards = need grace to move or motivate you to understand something. For Franklin though, reason and logic is enough to sway your mind one way or the other. Logic though is still ultimately frail and decisions change too easily and too often

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