Digital Arts Club – Band CD Cover Challenge

The Challenge – 

1. Go to Wikipedia’s random article page:

The first article you get is the name of your band.

2. Go to the random quotations page:
The last four words of the last quote are your album title. sometimes you need to refresh or it repeats. If that site doesn’t work, use another random quote generator site, but stick to the last four words of the last quote.

3. Go to Flickr’s interesting photo page:
Third picture is your album cover, no matter what it is. Only add your artist name and album title onto the photo. It would be best if you cropped it to a CD size.

My Outcome –

Flickr Pic:
Band Name:
Album Name:

Digital Arts Club @ NYU Band CD Challenge

I think it turned out pretty good! I overlaid the bg image twice (2nd on Screen) and masked portions of both with clipping masks.


2 thoughts on “Digital Arts Club – Band CD Cover Challenge

  1. Oh yeah I know, the random quote generator link I used the first time wasn’t working either so this is technically like the 3rd or 4th picture I found. If the one you find isn’t usable, then just refresh till you find one that is 😛

    Glad you liked this though, thanks ❤

  2. this is soo cool!! I love your pic, overall you lucked out 😀 I wanted to do this too but when I tried I got a pic that said all rights reserved so I don’t think I can d/l? I mean.. I can screenshot but then I feel bad hahaha
    Well~ maybe I’ll do it later and it’ll come out better

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