Le Tired.

Sure you noticed the intense amount of notes I took studying for my American Literature midterm…it basically took over the front page of this blog haha. Serves as a good reminder to myself the perils of waiting until the very last-minute to study.

Take today for example – I have 2 midterms, one at 9:30 and the next at 11:00 but because I’m relatively confident, I am MUCH less stressed overall. I got enough sleep, I still studied, and I didn’t need to cram like 7 weeks of readings in the course of 2 days. This is also because the Marlowe class is one of the best I’ve had at NYU so far, and because it’s just 7 of us, we all tend to really do and know the readings before discussion already. It would be blazingly obvious if we didn’t, you know? So I’ve already read everything, I’ve re-skimmed my notes and the critical articles we had to read, and I’ve also read over my notes once more keeping an eye out for literary elements and ties between the different works and genres/themes themselves. The influence of Marlowe’s earlier works to his own later works and to the world of William Shakespeare is astonishing, fascinating, and altogether intriguing. The only reason I will do bad on this midterm is because my professor is SO knowledgeable that all of my researched facts and analysis might seem commonplace to him? I’m only worried that it won’t be good enough because I want to do SO well in the class. He makes us believe we can set and reach a higher bar of expectations for ourselves, so I am trying my best to live up to it.

The second midterm I have (Well the first…it is in roughly 45 minutes now) is probably going to be the more difficult one. I am not AS well prepared, and am going in relatively blind as far as the format and structure goes. I don’t even know how much of my overall grade its worth…probably a stupidly ridiculous amount *sigh*

The le tired part goes to show you how exhausting this week has been. After the two papers due last week, I didn’t get my usual weekend respite because of these three midterms I had coming up. Complete lack of sleep + alternative breaks related deadlines and responsibilities are coming to play an important role this week too. Lots of finalizing and planning to do this week/weekend. I have been on campus until very late almost all week, save for yesterday when I got to get home by 5PM and take a quick nap before launching into last-minute revisions a nd skims for the two midterms today.

After classes end (mini note to myself) I already have a pile of weekend work to do too!!

Today’s Itinerary, first:
9:30 – Power and Politics Midterm
11:00 – Marlowe Colloquium Midterm
1:00 – Meet with Karen about DAC planning
2:00 – American Literature Recitation
4:00 – AB interview with my last participant
5:30 – Chess club meeting
6:30 – DAC E-Board General Meeting
& then finally, a 1.5 hour commute home. I’ll probably leave campus somewhere around 9 again.

Once home, the weekend work commences –
1. Normal readings for all 4 classes. Haven’t even looked at that yet, it’ll go up on its own post under Academics
2. Editing personal statements for the Law Office
3. Tutoring Fri-Sun for 2 hours each
4. Meeting with Ella sometime friday morning or evening to go over AB logistics
5. Finish chess club poster, help Ankit with his SASA flier
6. Take screenshots/write-up tutorial for last week’s DAC Photoshop workshop
7. Enter my piece from last week’s workshop/challenge b/c E-Board needs to participate

Busy, as usual. Sorry for the lack of actual blogging going on lately, everything will pick up once I get a brief respite from all the homework and NYU related work taking over my life!

4 thoughts on “Le Tired.

  1. So you’ll be in your midterm now.. GOOD LUCKKK!!!! I’m glad you seem ready for the first one!! I hope you ace both 😀 Well at least you don’t have midterms looming over you after this second one is done and you can relax a little!! I think we’ll get home at around the same time. It sucks that it takes so long to commute though, I really think you should get an apt senior year (that’d be a rockin’ senior year..)

    You’ll pull through!!! You always do 😀

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