The Revised LIFE Plan

I’m sure you remember that momentary breakdown moment I had toward the end of Freshman year where I went psycho on my Roommates and plotted out the rest of my college career to shove in my advisor’s face.

Since then, a LOT has changed. But one thing that hasn’t is my affinity and slight OCD for long-term planning. I like to know what’s going to happen in my life 3 years from now, even though I haven’t the slightest clue what I’m eating for dinner the following evening. And that’s okay, that is just the kind of person I am. Long term overarching plans are a structure I need, because they make me feel and believe that life is going somewhere. With that being said, here’s the revised College LIFE plan!

CAS Morse Academic Plan – Core Classes

[X] Writing The Essay Fall 2009
[X] Conversations of the West Fall 2009
[X] World Cultures Spring 2010
[X] Spanish 2 Fall 2009
[X] Spanish 3 Spring 2010
[X] Spanish 4 Fall 2010
[X] Course in the social sciences Politics major overrides
[X] Course in the arts (Expressive Culture) English major overrides
[X] Quant. Reasoning (Quantitative Methods in Political Science) Spring 2011

English Major Requirements
[X] Three Epic Moments: The Aeneid, Paradise Lost, and Moby Dick
[X] Literary Interpretation
[X] British Literature I
[X] British Literature II
[X] American Literature I
[X] 17th Century English Literature
[x] Marlowe Colloquium
[ ] Major Texts in Critical Theory - Projected Spring 2012
[ ] Dante's Divine Comedy - Projected Spring 2012
[ ] Senior Honors Seminar - Projected Fall 2012

*** Check and see if my AP English gave me any credit towards English major.

Political Science Major Requirements
[X] AP Government Credit
[x] Quantitative Methods in Political Science (V53.0800)
[X] Power and Politics in America (V53.0300)
[X] Comparative Politics
[X] The Politics of Administrative Law
[X] Law and Society
[ ] Analytical or Political Theory Elective
[ ] American Politics Elective
[ ] American Politics Elective
[ ] American Politics Elective

Creative Writing Minor Requirements
[X] Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction and Poetry
[X] Intermediate Fiction Workshop
[ ] Writers in Paris: Fiction or Poetry (V39.9818) (8 credit intensive)
	[ ] Intermediate Poetry Workshop
	[ ] Advanced Fiction or Poetry Workshop

If you did the math with me, you’ll see that I have 9 classes left until I graduate!!! We take 4 classes per semester so that leaves me with 4 credits to complete the second semester of my senior year. Now there are a few things I can do:

1. Pay for those 4 credits and attend as a non full time student Spring 2013
2. Take a course over the summer, graduate a semester early
3. Take the 8 credit intensive to finish my minor over the summer, then just take 3 classes + an internship for credit for Fall 2012. Still graduate a semester early

I see myself doing either Option 2 or Option 3.

Which means that it is official, Pryanka is applying to graduate early!!


2 thoughts on “The Revised LIFE Plan

  1. OMG Nabila read “HOT/ROMANTICCC/CROISSANT!” and definitely cracked up out loud really badly. JUST THE CROISSANT WAS SO RANDOM xDDDDD

    Haha yeah we’ll see. I need to pay for a session one way or another

    I WANNA GRADUATE EARLY TOOOO *SOBS* (more like worried if I CAN graduate on time haha)
    And I kinda remember that too cuz I was angry at my advisor(s) too!

    ahaha “If you did the math with me” pfftt. or you can just tell me cuz you know I’d never LOL

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