Assignments [October 24 – October 27]

Power and Politics in America – Federalism

[ ] The New American Democracy, Chapter 3
[ ] Price of Federalism - BB 
[X] Federalist #10 

Marlowe Colloquium
[X] Marlowe, Edward II - TUESDAY
[X] Alan Bray, Homosexuality and Male Friendship - THURSDAY

American Literature I
[X] Apness, An Indian's Looking Glass for the White Man - MONDAY
[X] Native Americans: Removal and Resistance - MONDAY
[X] Black Hawk, "life" - MONDAY
[X] Petalesharo, speeches - MONDAY
[X] Elias Boudinot, "To the Public" - MONDAY
[X] Cherokee Memorials - MONDAY
[X] Lydia Maria Child - MONDAY
[X] Cooper, last of the Mohicans - MONDAY
[X] Andrew Jackson Messages - MONDAY
[ ] Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass - WEDNESDAY

17th Century English Literature 
[X] Upon Appleton House
[ ] Seriously start working on group presentation

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