[10] Breathe Again

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Roxy was loving this guy next to her right now. He was HOT as hell, and he had dance moving through him too, just like her. All that mattered was that their bodies were in sync with the beat. His hands around her waist, pulling her snugly close and she didn’t mind because her part of their dance needed him close. Needed him to touch her so she could swirl her body around him and effuse his mind with her senses. Her perfume wafting through his soul, her body pressed so sensitively against his that she felt his abs, his rising excitement, and his heartbeat almost as if it were in her own chest.

She was taking over his sensory pathways, overloading them with her presence. Her lips, so ready to be kissed that he could almost hear her moaning in anticipation for his touch. And in fact, she was moaning, because the ecstasy of their union together in this dance was so great that he could feel the energy rebounding off of her back into him, and knowing that he had his fingers curled around her body turned him on so much. That she was letting him, that their beats matched, that this song was made for them, it was so perfect. All he could do was hear her, smell her, feel her. He could taste the salient tension of their bodies in the air, he could taste her skin, as perfect and sweet as the jasmine scent he was maddeningly attracted to now.

He leaned in and snuggled her even closer, turning her around and pressing her back to him so he could lean down just a little and kiss and nibble on her neck. Their bodies connected on so many different levels, it was as if Roxy had been transported. No longer did college bother her, no longer were midterms or finals or recitations or homework a concern. None of that even existed, all that existed was him and the music and it was perfect, and she was breaking away from her old life toward a new one, though she didn’t yet know it.

And through him, she was alive again. Her heart beat for somebody, her body moved for somebody, her thoughts were geared to their connection, and it was so sublime she could barely breathe.

Then she turned around again, the alcohol and the beauty making her want to do wild and crazy things. As their lips moved closer, she forgot to breathe again.

And the guy, he was so overwhelmed by her presence that he forgot to breathe too.

Together, they shared a moment of pure, undilated exhilaration.


2 thoughts on “[10] Breathe Again

  1. Wow at the intro, I couldn’t stop reading for even a second.. Your writing’s so hot and passionate! I like how everything else just seems so trivial compared to the present, like college and everything didn’t even come CLOSE to him. And really love how MUTUAL it all is, it’s so romantic~They’re so entranced by each other. Love this coupleee!

    • Wow, thanks for that amazingly encouraging comment >< I felt like it was too short and didn't capture things right, but I guess it did. Yeah, passion is definitely what mobilizes this passage 😀 Passion in music, in this guy, in the dance

      BUT YEAHHH I love this couple too 🙂 I don't think I'll be turning him gay, sorryyy

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