Next on the Nail Art Wishlist

1. Nail Art Tools! Dotter, Striper, Liner, etc
Comes with dottong tools, striper/detailer/liner, and also some rhinestones & Halloween fimo sticks!

Because like every proper nail art artist has tons of nail art pens and most of them use LA Colors’ Art Deco set. I guess now I see why – 22 pens for $31 = great! Of the 4 pens I have, 3 of them were definitely $2. The new orange one is 99cents but still…22 pens for 31 comes out to around $1.5 per pen. I can probably resell colors I don’t use to people for $2 which is still cheap if you aren’t like obsessed with nail art and just want a single pen. Like back when I first started out haha. + my black is almost out! And the gold one I got is too liquidy to be useful 😦 So lame, never buying that brand for nail art pens again

3. Kleancolor Polishes
Kleancolo polishes.That link is just an example but I need to watch out for a Kleancolor sale 🙂 Pretty pretty colors! I want my new polish collection to consist of good brands! Sinful Colors, Wet N’ Wild are decent! Kleancolors is even better, and I don’t honestly see OPI or Essie polishes worth it. If I want those, I can go out and get a manicure, since they’d be a once in a while thing and I want to layer the polishes with other things too. No real use to me to buy super good brands


One thought on “Next on the Nail Art Wishlist

  1. YAYYY you actually updated with stuff you wanted with nailart 😀
    I dunno I think it’d be nice to have some really nice brands a couple of times
    Actually for gifts I think it’d be a really great idea! I mean you can buy cheap stuff for yourself I guess, but let people splurge on you haha Even if it’s more “economical” the whole point of present giving is to splurge riee

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