Yell all you want,
Yesterday won’t come back,
You still won’t win, and
Yapping will get you nowhere.

Ye noble woman,
Yearning for freedom,
Yell all you want, but
You will not win.

And still, you spend a year,
Yammer about your yardwork and
Your feelings, that
You feel yoked by our superiority.

But don’t you understand, you are noble,
Yet subservient.
Young, youthful, yearning.
All for nothing.

You will not win.


4 thoughts on “Y

  1. hahaha but I liked how this one was so opposite of what the color normally would be!
    And it can be read into so much moreee this way. I usually don’t analyze things a lot but Y gave me a lot to think about!
    Also Y is the male chromosome too
    Seeseee I can’t stop!

    • wowww i’m glad I got something right then!
      Makes me question authority so much more. I mean really, what authors do is they get drunk or high (or in the old times, even worse) and then they just write. Then now, we regard these masterpieces with so much analytical thought that I bet if the author was here, he’d be like…man, fuck this shit, just get high. Everything in the world makes sense no matter what. I just wrote for the universe man, know what I mean?


  2. YES! Y!!
    I was wondering when I’d see roygbiv again!!
    antifeminism? ahha Subservient yet noble. Quite a paradox actually. I like the switch to an olden tongue with “ye” šŸ™‚
    This is a surprisingly dark poem, even though I guess the y in roygbiv would usually be yellow and bright and happy! So it’s kind of ironic in a way.
    Liking the male POV’s!

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