Design Is – Day & Night

Full Poster Here | Full Poem Here


7 thoughts on “Design Is – Day & Night

  1. I like the nice blue & purple blend! I don’t really see mac in it though xDD & I like the little glow effect going on with the “design is.” It’s really pretty! Reminds me a lot of a beautiful night ❤

  2. Aww there really wasn’t a lot of skill involved in mine though haha. I read a lot of tutorials while working on it.

    The background was a gradient with a blur applied and the stained glass effect of course. The stars are just the star tool, the clouds I learned from the compound path’s tutorial in the crash course with a gradient applied, The sun was just the flare tool. And the little ships were just lines i joined and applied color too.

    I’m happy it looked like it took a lot of skill though 😀

  3. Aw thank you! I used the same technique that macs use to MAKE their wallpapers (Illustrator & gradient mesh ftw). I’m glad you liked everything else too though 😀

    I wanted to do something very similar to yours…the sun & moon mix kind of thing, but quite honestly, I wasn’t skilled enough in Illustrator to do it

  4. This is gorgeous! The background colors blend nicely so that it looks like a pristine, modern mac wallpaper! Really cool design on the what seem to be tree branches and the typography as just as good as it gets. Minimalism ftw

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