Halloween Bliss, and the lack thereof

I feel like devouring chocolate and ice cream right now. Or well, idk. Something drastic.

I’m so unmotivated and unhappy that I don’t even feel like typing up this post right now. That’s how lame everything feels right now. In fact, I even thought that Halloween was on the 25th because I’d FORGOTTEN. How do I just forget the holiday like that!? No parties, no booze, no friends, no fun. That’s my life right now, perpetually. Just holed up in my basement watching movies and painting my nails to kill time. I’ve turned into a bitter resentful slob, OH NO.

Update. November 1, 2011

Okay so I’m not a slob anymore, because I’m in class and dressed well and such. Discussing Richard II, how fun. So yeah, I did nothing for Halloween…had a pumpkin on my thumb for a few days. I ate chocolate, watched 4 episodes of Vampire Diaries and two romantic comedy movies over the past two days. Haven’t done much homework/reading though sadly. I need to get on that D:

But no parties! No staying in the city…and that part sucks. I need to make a halloween themed something…its too sad not to. Also I need to LSAT study this week too. Tomorrow, its going to happen. Seriously, even if its just a section or two. Maybe I’ll read more of the logic games bible instead. I don’t know, but I need to stop wasting time and moping.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Bliss, and the lack thereof

  1. Well I went to bed early on Halloween because I had work the next morning! (Not to mention the fact that I only spent an hour at a party. Ha) Anyways we should totally go out either during Thanksgiving weekend or winter break when I get home! Also I really want chocolate pudding now…

    • Chocolate pudding is delicious!! I finally paid up and bought a proper amount of it from the guy who gives me samples in the morning with my coffee. Yesterday his son was working there and his son is HOT! Makes me so happy xD

      Anddddd yes please, we need to hang out when you’re back!!

  2. hahah halloween’s kinda a stupid holiday if you ask me. Thanksgiving’s where it’s at..
    maybe you can party on Christmas~

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