Final Papers & Exams

I know I have a SHITLOAD of things due December, but everything is so far away that I KNOW I’m going to lose track. Find myself at the end of November with 6 papers and 4 finals, and a major WTF look on my face.

To prevent that and remind myself that my semester isn’t as easy as I’m making it out to be, here’s a list of things and due dates.

American Literature
November 10 – 1 Paragraph ‘discussion’ of a possible paper prompt
December 9 – Final Paper Due, 5PM
December 19 – Final Exam. 8AM – 9:50AM

Marlowe Colloquium
December 8 – Merchant of Venice Paper Presentation
December 14 – In-Class Final Exam, 11AM – 12:15PM
– December 19  – Final Paper (8-10 pgs) due by 4PM

17th Century English Literature
November 30 – Group Presentation, The Masque
December 19 – Final Paper Due (15-20 pgs)
December 19 – Final Exam, 10AM – 11:50AM

Power & Politics in America
–  December 20 – Final Exam, 8AM – 9:50AM


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