Last night, I ran down the stairs to my basement because I wanted to show somebody my nail polish collection. Of course, what I actually ended up doing is skipping the last step and falling down in a crumpled heap on my poor right ankle. The ankle that is now sprained (or twisted or pulled or strained, I don’t even know. It is swollen, and it hurts).

This sucks and now I’m confined to bed, and also, Nabila’s leaving back for Buffalo and I didn’t even get to paint her nails or say goodbye.

I guess the real reason I’ve been crying so much while watching movies is that I’m just unhappy with where I stand in my life right now. Before, I could post on forums, and I had people to rant to. Now, I don’t have that anymore. It’s all just wasted years of my ife and I’m stuck here, in pain and lonely and mopey.

I need cheer-me-up things =/


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