Hell Week, Round 1

Round 2 and Round 3 soon to come, don’t worry.
This week’s hell roundup included:

20 minute presentation Wednesday
6 Page paper + presentation due Thursday
6-8 Page paper due Friday (today, 5PM)

This in addition to normal readings and homework assignments

It was FREEZING this week. So freezing, in fact, that you can add to the hell week roundup:


Yep. I’m also hungry and my room is a mess but that’s besides the point. At least my nails look pretty?
But you know, I’m tired of all this. Time to go cook and call Nabila.

3 thoughts on “Hell Week, Round 1

  1. At least this week is over! And thank god too! But aww 😦 I wish you weren’t sick, feel better! Use this weekend to recuperate! And.. haha my apt is a complete mess too. I need to clean, badly. I might do some light cleaning now.
    Yay for pretty nails πŸ™‚ Thanks for the calllll

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