No, this isn’t a post about the first snowfall. I think that’s already happened (The snowfall, not the post about it).

Today at work, I made PAPER SNOWFLAKES in my ‘downtime’. Aka when there were no calls and I didn’t feel like doing my homework. (I don’t normally work Fridays but I had to be in the city later anyway so I took up the extra hours. That’s fine, more money = a good thing!)

Paper snowflakes are GREAT. They’re creative, they’re fun, and they’re relatively easy to make. They are also all over the Student Resource Center bulletin boards and cabinets 😀 YAY FOR SNOWFLAKES. I think at one point, everybody in the SRC was making snowflakes for fun/to help me out. I love this place

Me, being a nerd, discovered this GREAT tool – Make-A-Flake

Basically, you can ‘cut’ and preview a paper snowflake and test out your awesome design skills on a place where “undo” is an option before putting those same cuts into your actual paper. It takes some of the fun of spontaneity out of it, but more often than that, everything I cut in person and on that site is a little different because I fold differently. So the ‘reveal’ is still awesome. And the Student Resource Center has cool winter decorations. Tons of them.

Now I’ll go back to not procrastinating and write my paper. That 10 page one…must be finished today/tomorrow. SERIOUS.



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