Interviews and Leases and Finals, Oh My!

I am so TIRED!!

To update you all though – I’ve written a 10 page paper over the weekend and studied for a final on Monday (today. In roughly 2 hours)

I still have a 20 page paper due by Thursday and a final Tuesday morning as well!

The best (and probably only nice) part of this week however, is that I have an INTERVIEW today! At 6PM with a corporate law firm for a spring internship. Wish me luck? I haven’t slept tonight (Was studying for American Lit), I redid my nails a nice sedate color (OPI Tickle Me France-y) and I got all dolled up. Pulled out a brand new outfit to wear, finished prepping for my test, put on my makeup (which I’ve gotten better at finally, muahahaha), and I am SO ready to go.

I’m going to take one of those 5 hour energy shots. Maybe 2 over the course of the day?

OH also on today’s already packed agenda is an update on my lease. Provided I hear from my third roommate, we’ll be putting down a deposit and getting ready to sign the lease on an apartment for next semester! Jan 1st to May 30th. Semester leases are a win for me, since I don’t need a place over the summer at all.

So yeah. Finals and leases and interviews and no sleep. Story of my life this week!


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