Belated Thanksgiving spam!

You know Thanksgiving, that holiday that happened a month or so ago?

Yeah, well this year, I actually CELEBRATED it! However, the task of keeping Nail Spark* (My nail art subsidiary where I fangirl over nail polish and fabulous nail art designs) has kept me super busy, and creative updates on this site relatively slim. It’s difficult when you have so many great things going on at once – you lose trac of just how much you want to say because there is so much TO say. Back when I only used Controlled Derangement to talk about college life, it was easy updating regularly, even multiple times a day. Now, it’s not AS easy because there are so many different topics I blog about. I can’t fathom not blogging about any of these, because I need a venue to display and get feedback on my hobbies. The graphics, the creative writing, and the nail art. I want your opinion on it all!

This Thanksgiving, I spent the evening (and night. And morning) with my BEST BEST BEST FRIEND.
She’s my BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBFL since 8th grade. A kindred soul if I ever had one (Anne of the Green Gables reference anyone?)

I got to have a proper Thanksgiving dinner at her home with her family, and then we spent the rest of the night…

Yeah, you guessed it.


Spent from 11PM till about 6:30AM at Roosevelt Field Mall. It was so so so so so great. We found a lot of good deals actually. I love the new boots I bought, and the teal jacket. So great.

Here’s some food spam from the Holiday dinner though – Enjoy it, in gallery form!

7 thoughts on “Belated Thanksgiving spam!

  1. hehee your nails were pretty that dayyy. And anything is fun with my bee eff elll 😀 LOVE YAAA
    and woohoo my house! 😀
    this was a long time agooo ahahha
    you should blog about your adventure today 😀
    those boots were cute though~ you did good!

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