Part of growing up.

For me, part of growing up over 2011 involved including more makeup and better skincare in my daily regimen. Before this, I wore nothing on my skin and cleansed it when I felt like it with a basic Neutrogena cleanser. It would be okay with somebody with great skin, but my skin is far from it. We’re talking blemishes and acne. Dry in the winter, oil-prone, and kinda sensitive.

2011 introduced me to my first set of makeup and skincare essentials. Check them out!

My makeup collection –
(All bought in 2011. I basically owned nothing but eyeliner, a simple black/white smoky baked palette, and lip gloss)

Cover FX – Total Coverage Cream Foundation (SPF 30) Shade M60 [$42]
Benefit – boi-ing industrial-strength concealer – Shade 03 [$19]
Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Shade Original [$19]
Sephora – Pro lesson palatte, Brown Eyes – 2 trios of (Universal Beige, Brun, Dore) and (Gris, Midnight Kiss, Peach Beige) – [gift]
Color Theory – 50 eyeshades [$6]
Sephora Pro Foundation Airbrush 55 – full-size [$34]
        2. Sephora Collection Travel Brush Set (Powder, Shadow, Crease, Liner w/ pouch)  [$10]
        3. LookNY Concealer (7) and Eyeliner (15) full-size brushes – [gift]
Stila – Smudge Pot – Black Cat – gift
Physicians Formula – Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner for HAZEL eyes (3 eyeliners and a crappy brush) [$.99] – 75% off + $2.00 coupon
Beauty Rush – Precision Eyeliner – Shade Hot Slate 
Benefit – Bad Gal Lash Mascara – Black [$10]
– A random Duane Reade eyeliner sharpener [$2] 

My skincare products are unfortunately, not quite as many. I have a sample Sephora Regimen that I’ve been using and when I run out, imma go to another sephora and get more samples of the same regimen. If it works. And if it does, I’ll give it its own post and see if its worth purchasing a full-size regimen (Cost of purchasing all the products will be between $150-200 so I’m not too keen on spending so much at once]

My only full-size skin care product purchase this year was:

– First Aid Beauty – Facial Cleanser [$18]


Overall, I spent $161 on makeup and skincare in 2011. That’s not too bad at all (: I’m going to slowly but surely build up my collection to include things I don’t have. Ie. Blush, bronzer, highlighter, powder foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, more brushes, makeup remover, brush cleanser/shampoo, etc. First and foremost for 2012 is my skincare regimen. I’d rather pool the money toward that if I see that its giving me good results, and use less makeup on my face since I don’t want a bad reaction if a certain product doesn’t agree with me.

End of extremely girly post. Inner beauty is great, but outer beauty doesn’t hurt.

8 thoughts on “Part of growing up.

  1. !!!!! MY LOVE!!!!! I’m sorry if I’ve enabled you too much. You’ve done the same with me and OPI hahaha
    Sephora Pro Foundation Airbrush 55 – full-size [$34] – how is this working out?
    I’m not too keen on spending on brushes, but I do REALLY WANT a good eyeliner brush. But I have to find a gel that I like first and foremost :))

    And that’s not bad at all considering you’re just starting out. I’d say definitely look into the Bare Escentuals eyeshadow pots. They’re easy to build on incase you just want a hint of the color or the full lid to show the color 🙂

    • No more eyeshadow till I start seeing the bottom of the pan on some of the shades I already have 😛 I pretty much have all the colors I need haha. BUUUT yeah basically we’ve enabled one another into spending money rofl. You know how much it is KILLING ME to see the Nicki Minaj OPI’s and not buying any???

      LOL funny you ask about the brush. I haven’t used it yet. I just bought it on a whim, but i don’t even have a powder foundation to use it with….It’s just sitting there all new and pretty haha.

      • LOL girl. well i found Smashbox’s BB cream to be amazing on me. I think smashbox stuff for liquid primer/foundation might be my best bet, but i really do like benefit’s concealers/foundation powders.

        and well maybeyou’d find Nicki Minaj for cheaper next month anyways?

      • Yeahhh give it a few months and it’ll be much cheaper, I know. ITS STILL PAINFUL THOUGH lol. Have u tried Boscia’s BB cream? I wanna know if its more or less sheer than that.

    • All of that stuff does not go on at the same time 😛 My foundation = thin layer. Bumpits = gross. Neon lipstick = On Nicki Minaj only please. Brows = never tweezed/waxed/touched…au naturale? Bold eyeshadow = only if everything else is understated. I usually do a smoky or neutral anyway. Rosy cheeks = I have no blush. Two-toned lips = ew, lipliner? Glitter = Nails only please.

      We done? I think I pass 😛

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