My (Sephora) Recommended Skincare Regimen

Here’s what I’m trying out! As I said earlier, my skin is:

– Slightly dry
– Acne-prone
– Oil-prone/
– Sensitive to stress
– Has a lot of blemishes from acne breakouts

This is the regimen I was given:

1. Use makeup remover every night to wipe off makeup as well as the dust and grime of NYC. Use even when I have not worn makeup.
Product: Korres 3 in 1 Cleansing, Toning, and Eye Make-up Removing Emulsion, $21
Initial Thoughts: Click the product name to be led to Sephora’s site with the description, pricing, etc. I do like that it leaves my skin feeling moisturized but I feel like that part of a remover is sort of useless when it is being used only at night, pre-cleanser. I’m going to apply moisturizer later anyway, and all the hydrating milk protein is being washed off by the steps that follow! If I can find cheaper (but still gentle) makeup remover that costs less, I will probably do that. This poduct does leave your face feeling great though.

2. Cleanse face twice daily. Morning and night.
Product: Ole Henriksen – Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser, $30
Initial thoughts: Sounds expensive (Compared to my previous Neutrogena or Clean & Clear type products) but it is for acne-prone skin, which is good. It smells great, you get 12oz for that price, so you know it’ll last you a while. I’ve used it 4 times now, and it doesn’t dry out my skin. That = a plus.

3. Moisturizer – MORNING ONLY – Use after cleanser prior to makeup application
Product: Boscia – Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15, $36
Initial thoughts: Not impressed at ALL. It’s lotion for your face. I am not paying 36 for a mere 1.4 oz of lotion. That shit’ll finish in like a week! I know I need moisturizer, but I don’t think this one is going to be it. Obviously it works, but so do many other products at a fraction of its cost. Also not impressed by its SPF. My foundation has twice that…

4. Spot Treatment – NIGHT ONLY – A thin layer. Little goes a long way, every night right before bed
Product: GoClear – Intensive Acne Treatment Salicylic Acid 2%, $25
Initial Thoughts: This is another small bit of product IMO, this is the prize for 1oz. I like that there’s enough active Salicylic acid in this for it to be effective. I haven’t been using any spot treatment, and obviously…no clear results yet, but this is only day 2. My redness seems to have gone, but that could just be in my head. I really hope my sample lasts long enough for me to want to purchase this product! This makes my eyes water, so I dont put any on unless its straight to bed right afterwards.

5. Exfoliating Scrub – TWICE WEEKLY – I massage it into my skin for 1 minute in gentle circular strokes, then rinse. Use this after cleanser (And before moisturizer if used in the morning)
Product: Boscia – Smoothing Facial Polish, $25
Initial Thoughts: I have used this product for the first time tonight. It wasn’t overly gritty, but it wasn’t harsh on my skin either. It was fun massaging it in, and my skin overall after the completion of tonight’s regimen feels baby soft and smooth. This is 2.8 oz of product, and you don’t need very much at a time, so I think this one is good. I’ve used Boscia products before – my face likes them. I have a few samples of their BB cream I use on my lazy days when I don’t feel like wearing much makeup.

And that’s that. My full regimen. I’ll update in a week, let you know if I see any improvement, and if I’m purchasing full size containers of any of these products. I’ll most likely wait for a sephora sale, but we’ll see.

Have my spot treatment on, eyes are watering. GOODNIGHT! Excuse the typos, if any. Will fix in the morning byeee.

2 thoughts on “My (Sephora) Recommended Skincare Regimen

  1. It will be a lot to buy all at once, I guess you’ll have to buy everything slowly? I think spot treatments do work though. Stay dedicated! It might seem hard sometimes but keep at it and I’m sure you’ll see results 🙂

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