I love my new apartment!

It’s been a week of boys and booze for me folks. Boys and booze. It sums everything up quite nicely. Nothing TOO crazy as far as getting ‘wasted’ goes, but something alcoholic has been drank (drunk?) every day. Bah, I’m catching up I suppose, for all those times last semester I didn’t party or drink.

But we aren’t here to talk about that in this post. This is going to be a ‘normal’ blog post. The fun ones I used to write for myself. Straight up diary style.

I moved into my place this Sunday afternoon. My (ex) roommate Christine came over while I was unpacking to help me, see the apartment, and also just chill after my parents and cousin left. She brought along Yuan, one of the guys I’ve met through her – he’s her (ex) boyfriend’s roommate. But I met him when they were together and I think that at this point, we can say that we are rather good friends, Yuan and I. He’s not somebody I share everything with just yet, but he’s a good person and I know that he’d listen to me rant and not complain about it.

What more do you want in a guy?

Don’t answer that.

It’s pretty funny actually – Christine brought a fancy bottle of red wine as a housewarming gift for me, and Yuan brought me a handle of vodka (Heavy Water? It had a filter in it. Super smooth, all gone. Mostly in my tummy) and we hid it quickly when they came up before my parents could find it. Christine was worried they would hear the clanking, and I was trying so hard not to giggle and look shady. In my defense though, Yuan is already 21, and Christine and I are barely half a year away now.

Fine, maybe like 7ish months.

My apartment is pretty small. Close quarters, and best suited for small mini-group parties instead of large college bashes. That being said, I’ve taken advantage of the space this week by spending some quality time with smaller subgroups of friends.

Not going to lie, I’ve also taken advantage of the full sized (super comfy) bed while I have it this week. I may have cuddled with a guy or two.

I know it’s a weird thing, to talk about ‘hooking up’ on a public blog. Even I’m not quite comfortable with it. People can read it and they can judge and I don’t even think I’d be able to have a conversation about this ‘in real life’ if somebody approached me after reading this post. But hey, when I look back in May 30th as I’m moving out, I want to know I had the courage to admit to what I did!

I haven’t had a boyfriend since Tuan broke up with me, January 2011. It has been over a year, and it wasn’t a (too) serious emotional relationship. No I love you, no sex. You can even pass it off as a semester fling – he probably did. But he really was my boyfriend, and there are a lot of things I miss about that.

I miss the cuddling most. I LOVE cuddling. Part of the reason I love being in an apartment is the nonexistent guest policy dorms had. I don’t need to sign a guy in. I don’t have to walk-of-shame down to the lobby with disheveled  hair at 7AM the following morning to sign a guy out. It’s even more weird because usually, the reason I had the guest over isn’t even sexual. Hell, a woman has friends, you know! And if those friends visit you from another campus, they crash in your dorm. The Indian guard who worked Lafayette’s morning shift totally disapproved. Sigh.

But there’s no more of that now. At least for this week, I didn’t really have to answer to anybody. I was free to come and go as I pleased. Christine slept over two nights, Yuan slept over one of the nights. I took naps, I took baths, I cuddled. Spooned. Let loose some sexual frustration that a summer and then semester of living at home had built up.

Face it. You break up, you have the round of rebound sex and just as you’re discovering what your body has the capability of feeling,  you are thrown into a prison with your parents for 9 months.

This is a rebirth. After 9 months, I’m OUT and in this apartment and ready to be independent and grown up. Pay my own internet and electricity bill.

Maybe even have another boyfriend? Doubt you still read this Tuan, but I’m still happy, still smiling. Ready to take on a relationship with a guy less shallow. Maybe somebody who won’t tell his friends that my weight was an issue. If it was, you shouldn’t have dated me in the first place! Either way, this is all just matter-of-fact. I’m not an emotional mess anymore. Ready for a new relationship that will last longer. Mean something more. Involve sex?

We shall see.

But I mentioned bills, so let’s turn the topic to another serious problem with my apartment right now. My crib lacks one very crucial thing. INTERNET!

I’m writing this post on a laptop with no internet connection. It was 12:23 AM at the time of writing this post. It will probably be posted on my blog somewhere around 9AM in the morning once I get to work and have access to the NYU WiFi service again.

Somebody please remind me to call Verizon and/or Time Warner Cable and set my internet up already. This is taking mf’ing FOREVER! I’m dying with no WiFi right now.

There’s this really cool museum and cafe by where I live. I look forward to sampling their coffee and blogging to my heart’s content after work tomorrow. I will diligently spend 9AM-1PM finishing up a Prezi for my boss before he gets back and calls me out for slacking. After that, I will call and obtain an internet connection for my apartment. After that, I will call my internship boss and make sure that my schedule for the spring semester has been finalized. After that I’ll probably scrounge up some food to eat and then head to the cafe to enjoy the coffee and internet.

I don’t know how long this post has gotten now. I’m just typing till I feel too sleepy to do so. Well actually…since it is 12:41 right now, I will probably continue till about 1. My eyes hurt…maybe I’ll end it sooner.

I DO have a separate rant, but I’m going to save that for another post and stealthily change names around and pose it as a story. We’ll see. I just need to get some frustration about a situation out and writing is my go-to channel for venting my feelings in a productive manner. It lets me reveal my emotions but also makes them leses painful, which I really appreciate. Maybe I will just blog, and drop the story charade. I do pride myself on being blunt with most details of my life.

No limits, no boundaries. That’s how I play my truth-or-dare.


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