Upcoming Alternative Break!

Dear blog,

I forgot to mention that I’m heading to Oak Ridge, Tennessee this Sunday! Sunday @ 8AM, Ella and I will be driving 9 participants all the way down to TN!

We will spend a whole week there working with Habitat for Humanity and help them actually construct houses! I’m super excited – can’t wait!

We’ll be staying at a Church that has graciously lent us a room and 11 mattresses. The organization will provide tools and onsite training as well as great home-cooked lunches and dinners. We have Monday off to sightsee, explore, and learn about the city, but will work from Tuesday through Saturday before driving home Sunday morning.

Last year, as you all know, I went to New Orleans, Louisiana over Spring Break. I kept a log of my time there. I’ll do the same this year, and encourage my participants as well! It’s going to be really fun, I know it!

Blogging will probably be minimal as I don’t even know if I am taking my laptop with me (I wanted to send it off for repairs somewhere) and if there is internet available. We shall see how things pan out!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Alternative Break!

  1. Hey, I thought you’d be happy to know I made a wordpress. In other news, how was your alternative break? Did you have a life changing experience helping those less fortunate than you? Also how is your new apartment, since I haven’t talked to you since you moved in? And while we’re at it, how was your first day of classes? Wait, did you start this week?

    • YEAH I noticed and commented on your WP ❤ My alternative break was amazing, my apartment is amazing and my first day of classes (This Monday, yep) was pretty cool too. My professor reminds me of Jose, the janitor in my apartment building in Flushing before I moved here. OMG I know it sounds mean, but dead-on dupe. Small little hefty Hispanic guy. Muahaha.

      MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW! Just for you

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