2012: Year of the New(s)

The beginning of 2012 has seen a lot of change in my life. A LOT, all at once!

The first and foremost of these things is a new apartment. I was commuting last semester, as the excessive amount of bitching might have given away, and was more than ready to be back in the city. I haven’t been able to “live” in the city since the end of my sophomore year last May, and with the application of AP credits and the passage of a semester, I’m now a first semester SENIOR.

The apartment is great. A small little 1BR apartment about 10 minutes from campus. And by small 1BR, I mean a studio with some sort of a temp wall put up to create an amusingly tiny “bedroom”, if you can call it that. Ha. Amusing.

But I’m a college student. I’ve never been rich. I don’t expect or demand luxury, and with the price point (Under $800 each), I’m satisfied. The lease is only for the semester (So it ends May 30th), and I’m sharing the apartment with 2 other girls, close friends of mine since Freshman year when we all dormed in Rubin Hall. (Living on 5th Avenue for a year, say whatttt)

The new apartment is cozy. I have my own twin bed in the “living room” area of the apartment. I have my own little closet and 2 dresser drawers (We have 2 3-drawer bureaus. 2 drawers each) as well. I share a drawer in one of the desks in the living room, and share the desk with Carolyn. I usually study in my bed or on the dining table though.

We have a small round dining-table in the open area of the apartment, as well as the desk, a couch, and a really classy black bookshelf display thing. I love that. My bed is also in this open area obvs.

The bedroom has a double-closet that my 2 roomies share, and their bunk bed is in the little 1BR. It can only really be used for sleeping or changing though haha. We spend a majority of our time in the open area. Misha’s desk and our laundry hampers are also in that room though. There’s also one of those spider-leg lamps. Or whatever you want to call them. Tentacle lamp? Idk.

It is small, but we’re not paying much for it and it’s only for the semester, so I am pretty happy with it. Super duper happy. Heh.

The problem with this apartment though is that we don’t have WiFi set up yet. We’re trying to use Verizon for internet but it is being a complete BITCH. UGH. UGH UGH UGH. I’ve had to call them 3 times already, and it has been almost a month since we first contacted them. Still no internet. They SUCKKKKK. I’ll keep you updated on the wireless situation. I think we’ll get a delivery tomorrow sometime after 5PM. After that, I’ll try to set this up.

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