Spring 2012 Week 2

January 23 – 26

Controversies in Public Policy
[X] Breast Cancer
[X] Preventing Cancer
[X] Climate Change
[X] Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts, Ch. 5-7

Comparative Legislative Institutions
Week 2: Tools for analyzing legislative institutions (February 1)
[ ] Analyzing Congress, Chapter 1

Classical Literature and Philosophy
[X] Odyssey, Books 1-4 [THURSDAY]
[ ] Adriana Cavarero, “Penelope” [THURSDAY]
[ ] Pick what week you want to present [THURSDAY]

Poetry and Politics in New York City
[ ] Read pp 537-545
[ ] Read & Annotate Hart Crane Poems (The Idiot, Episode of Hands, The Harbor Dawn)
[ ] Must purchase Norton book by next class. MUST!
* Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, 3rd Edition, Vol. 1

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