Spring 2012 Week 4

February 13-16

Controversies in Public Policy
[X Assignment #1 due Thursday @ 8AM
[X] ESPMPP Ch. 2
[X] BB Morgan and Winship, Counterfactuals and Causal Inference
[X] BB Fryer, Financial Incentives and Student Achievement, (education experiments)
[X] BB Dobbie and Fryer and Academic Achievement (educational regression discontinuity design)
[X] BB “Mammograms Value in Cancer Fight at Issue (interrupted time series)

Comparative Legislative Institutions – Due Wednesday
Week 1: What is an institution and why does it matter? (January 25)
[X] Stewart Ch. 3
[X] Problem Set #2 – from Stewart Ch. 2
[X] Aldrich, Why Parties?, 3-5

Classical Literature and Philosophy – Due Thursday
[X] Euripides, Bacchae
[X] Plato, Ion
[X] Blog posts. 3-4 over the course of the week

Poetry and Politics in New York City – Due Thursday
[X] Readings from Norton. Not too bad.

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