Spring 2012 Week 5

February 22 & 23
Small week because we had Monday off. I don’t have class Tuesday or Friday 😀

Controversies in Public Policy
[X] 2nd half of ESPMPP Ch. 2
[X] Coal Mine Safety Article
[X] British Medical Journal Article
[ ] Other stuff I couldn’t really find O.o

Comparative Legislative Institutions – Due Wednesday
[ ] Representative Government in Modern Europe: Institutions, Parties, and Government, Chapters 1-3
[X] UK vs. US – Legislative Comparison
[ ] Response Paper 1/4: The Electoral Connection, due February 29th! (On Stewart, Chapters 4 & 5)
[ ] Final paper proposal also due February 29th!

Classical Literature and Philosophy – Due Thursday
[ ] Plato’s Republic, Books II, III, X
[ ] Blog Posts, 1-2
[ ] Midterm Paper DUE MARCH 1!
[ ] Presentation DUE MARCH 1! (On Ars Poetica)

Poetry and Politics in New York City – Due Thursday
[X] Norton pgs 784-804, Langston Hughes

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