The Mobile Muse

It isn’t as if I plan on bouts of inactivity during the school semester. They just happen.

I wish I could compel myself, but lately, my creative writing and graphic design juices are dry. The words don’t flow. I’m trying to take it slow, one project at a time.

First, design is…is almost finished! A celebration is in order soon! Just one last poster left to complete.

Next, I set aside my idle ways and focus on schoolwork. I have somewhere in the vicinity of five essays to write this week and next.

Over spring break, I will return to my stories. Namely, my one hundred tales. By that point, I must also finish reading the lsat Logic Bibles.

Lsat prep will be the focus of my life until June. I will also fit in finals, of course.

Sooooo really, what room is there in my life for a relationship? But still, I want one. Be still, my heart. But it will not rest, my soul is ablaze, lusting for passion.

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