“Senior Year”

I do not feel much like a senior. Technically, this is still my third school year at this university. But LSAT’s are fast upon me. And this is the MOST ESTRANGED I’ve felt from my friends in such a long time. Barring Carolyn and Misha, my roommates whom I see every single day, my contact with a majority of my other friends has been so LIMITED.

And then when I do make plans, I just feel so guilty about not studying or otherwise spending that time productively! And I can’t even remember the last time Jess and I had a heart to heart. Or the last time I spoke to Nabila on the phone. This semester makes me feel like old bonds are unraveling and I really don’t want that! I’m not mad at anybody, and I don’t want to place the blame on anybody. I’m just pointing out that I miss everybody, that’s all.

PS: Note to self. Don’t show too many people this blog. Then you can’t blog about them anymore ;P

I’m really TERRIFIED about the LSAT. I don’t think I’ll be prepared to take it this June. I really don’t know if I have it in me, to be honest. I really want law school, but this process is just so scary that a part of me wants to keep pushing it off. Maybe taking it in October instead will be beneficial? Should I just get it over with? I just don’t feel SMART enough compared to other determined people. Why will I get into a law school over them? Where will I even go/ Where do I want to go?

Call it a senior year midlife crisis or something, but I’m panicking. Like, a lot.

3 thoughts on ““Senior Year”

  1. Called the private setting, silly! Though I’m glad you’re not privating everything, t’would leave me even more out of the loop.

    But.. that one sentence in there sounds like a defensive jab at me πŸ˜‰

    Putting that aside LOL Kinda feel the same way about nearly everything you wrote. BUT what I can say is that you’re smart. You’re competitive. You’ve got interning experience, your classes are going well, and long as you take the LSAT without fear you should do alright~ So.. don’t panic. This is what you’ve been waiting for for a while right? Don’t let the LSAT stop you.

    Good luck! A lot of people are feeling like this too, this so-called “senior year mid-life crisis,” you’re definitely not alone there.

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