Relishing literature

You know that lovely delicious feeling you get when you’re right in the middle of a great book? You are ENTHRALLED. You are entranced, and you are in the world the author has created. It may look like Earth, but it has its quirks and it has these wonderful characters you are now connected to.

So when I have to stop reading that book and cannot finish it in one sitting, as I am usually apt to, I’m left feeling very unsatisfied with MY earth for the duration of my separation from the story. It is as if the hours are just a mere pastime until I get back to the world of the story. The alive world is the one I reading, not the one I am living.

Today, while watching the Oscars at my friend’s apartment, I had a very interesting moment. It was as if I was being pulled into a warm memory. I couldn’t place it, but just the feeling of satisfaction and intrigue washed over me. Just a moment later, it was gone.

It is only now that I am back at my own apartment that I realize the feeling was triggered by my activities earlier today! It was not literature this time, like I thought, but a TV SHOW that triggered this.

I was watching The Secret Circle earlier today and mid-Oscar, I was just sort of…reminded that I have a world waiting for me to come back to it. So I shall, by watching another episode before I go to sleep.

I don’t know if I explained myself well, but it was an interesting feeling. Sort of like how you feel when  you remember a great moment in a book you read and then wonder why the rest of your life is empty compared to that powerful kernel of memory your senses still remember.

4 thoughts on “Relishing literature

  1. I have that feeling all the time, but it’s why I enjoy life. My life’s not empty because my mind’s always continuing these stories or finding humor in something or just waiting for when I can plunge myself into this world again! Or when my mind makes another world and I get inspired. A good book, a good movie, TV show, game, comic, even a song can catapult me into happiness. I get where you’re coming from!

    • YAY, you get what I mean. I wasn’t sure if I was being articulate but you said it really well! I do get inspired and my mind does make another world. It feels great, but then sometimes I get so swept up that I can’t really focus on real world issues. Like homework.

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