I’m done with …

I’m done with all the assignments I had due before Spring Break. OMG the past two days have been so exhausting.

Too much nonstop studying. I read ALL of Nietzsche’s Birth of a Tragedy, extended version. Then I read about 4 chapters of Politics for one of my classes, 2 quasi-experiments and 2 strict randomization experiments for another.

After all that reading, I wrote a 3 page response paper for one of my English classes. I also finished another assignment due at 8AM. That one was designing a randomized experiment, designing a quasi-experiment, and analyzing one of the assigned quasi-experiments and interpreting the experimental design with regards to the use of regression-discontinuity. Obviously, I had to conclude whether the quasi-experiment resulted in any significant policy improvements as well as pointing out strengths, weaknesses, and improvements.

Talk about a mouthful. That short little assignment, graded out of 10 points,took me way more hours than is necessary 


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