Day 01: Why I hate

Day 01 — The one thing that it seems like everyone else on the planet is into but I just cannot stand is…

Glee! I simply cannot stand GLEE. The show has been great for raising little kiddie singers into stardom, but beyond that, the plotline is completely BOGUS.

I think Glee takes high school stereotypes to a whole new extreme and sends across a horrible message.

Let’s think about it and really break down the stereotypes we see in Glee.

We have the slutty cheerleaders. Brittany, Santana, and even Quinn. I love Quinn’s name but that’s about all. She has that surface sweet but completely plastic feel, her voice gets on my nerves, and all three of them need an attitude adjustment. Brittany’s the sweetest of the slutty trio, but that’s because she must also perpetuate the dumb blonde stereotype.

The well-dressed gay boy. Get’s nearly sexually abused by the closeted football gay boy but lands perfect (straight in real life) dreamy gay boy soulmate boyfriend.

Nerd. I’ll have to hand it to them on this. At least Rachel is talented and acne-free so they got rid of that stereotype.

The football playas. Macho to the extreme. Except for Finn but then again, he’s already a dad so what can I say.

Sue Sylvester…

In any (AND I MEAN ANY) other school in this nation, this bitch would have been fired in Episode one and locked up in Episode 2. Just saying, there is NO REASON she is still on that show except that her snark keeps ratings and viewership high. Compromising the show for the money, heck yea.

I don’t know bout you guys, but nobody slushied the Glee Club in my school. Nobody slushed ANYBODY in my high school. Nobody made fun of kids in wheelchairs, nobody witnessed so much teacher drama. My Spanish teacher KNEW Spanish before she could teach it, because she wouldn’t have been a spanish teacher if she couldn’t.

Nobody was made fun of for being gay. No dumb blonde cheerleader actually slept with every single boy in the school (Including the gay one) because you know what, most schools aren’t LIKE the school in Glee.

They are like my school.

And that is why I hate Glee.

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48 thoughts on “Day 01: Why I hate

  1. Glee??? No way!
    I adore Glee, I understand all your points, and yes, it is very very cliché!
    But I love the songs, and the dances and some of the characters and storylines isn’t SO bad…
    But, to each his own I guess

  2. if you hate glee, i would love to hear your thoughts on The Kitchen Musical -because I cannot stand it for the life of me hahahah 😀

    Glee was okay…but I kind of fell out of love with it… it got lethargic for me…

    I’m into The Vampire Diaries …mostly because IAN SOMERHALDER is to DIE FOR.

    • You know what. Screw Team Jacob or Team Edward. TEAM DAMON FOR THE WIN ❤ Ian Somerhalder is GORGEOUS. I love love LOVEEE Vampire Diaries!

      I'm going to go watch the Kitchen Musical and review it just for you!! ❤ Thanks for commenting!

      • yes.. TEAM DAMON!!! I wish i could zonk Elena out and replace her…then I’d dump stefan in 2 seconds and hook up with damon… i mean, really, it’s a no-brainer!!! ^_^

        hahahah thanks! the only think I like about Kitchen Musical is the fact that they have a diverse cast! Asiansssss as well! Like real, real asians…not like Harry Shum who’s like Americanized already hahaha but I still love him tho’

      • lol yeah but he’s such a HOT dancer. Mkay I’ll check it out, I do love diversity. Glee needs more Indians xP I don’t know if it has any…does it?

      • Kitchen Musical has 🙂 They even have Filipinos hehehe now there I go, putting bias into the equation even if you haven’t watched it yet…you might like it better than glee after this comment! hahaha LOL

        Oh, I love Bollywood..really… I feel tired just watching the dancers! It’s so fast paced and like a whirlwind!!!

      • haha its okay, every show needs a target audience that will be bias in favor of them. Bollywood is fun, a lot of the dancing is just moving to the beat.

  3. Mmmmh, I love glee the dances are great. However, the characters are just wrong. Kids all over are watching that, and that’s what they want to become. It should come with a warning, “These people are just saying lines to earn money. Do not do this at home”

    • Absolutely, I agree!! These kids are getting a horrible impression…if anything, shows like this just BREED the polarized stereotypes they portray. It’s horrible…people will watch this and think that that’s how they’re supposed to act toward the LGBTQ community or handicapped/disabled people. And that’s wrong!

  4. I never got into that show either, but that’s because I stay clear of musicals… (unless Clint Eastwood’s in them) All my suitemates watch it though. Also I think there was more cheerleader action going on than you knew of in our hs… ha (also a lot more teacher drama, particularly the english department… ha) Anyways keep on keeping on!

    • Hm really? Maybe I just kept myself safely sheltered from it all. Do dish out some of that gossip!! ❤ OH they took Shapiro away from AP Physics permanently…I figured it was about time, although I did love the guy 😦

      • LMAO. Did they hire someone new or did Testa take over? LOL. I don’t really remember… my brain can only hold so much gossip at once and that’s no longer relevant to my cares. LOL.

      • Hm I can’t remember…I’ll ask my brother again but I think Testa took over. And AP Physics is only offered like every 2-3 years now instead of eveyr other I think. So sad…I wish they’d just hire a better physics teacher or update the syllabus/unit coursework.

      • hmm yea cause now not every kid gets the opportunity to take it…They really just need to hire a new physics teacher… and Testa wasn’t that much better… ha. (poor guy, I did like him, he was just easily intimidated)

      • I heard he cracked down. Or whoever the new Phys. teacher is cracked down…the class is much harder to pass now. Before, you could pass with a 95, not know anything, and get a score of 1 or 2 on the AP exam.

  5. Most of the people I know who watch it watch it because it’s their guilty pleasure. That’s what TV does it exaggerates everything to keep things interesting.

    Whenever I’m over at my boyfriend’s house and his mom and sister are watching Glee we basically ignore ALL of the plot and only start paying attention when they do a song. The writing might be horrible, but the choreography is AMAZING! Not that I don’t make a joke about how their school’s glee club has the budget ten schools put together. 🙂

    • LOL yeah I noticed, they have to have a substantially large budget – or is the irbility to design such fantastic sets for every song the result of creative license and little elf minions that put together their stages when they sleep at night. I understand that Glee is great for the music – I feel the same way; but it’s unfair how much critical acclaim the show Glee gets for being a SHOW rather than the acclaim it should get for its soundtrack. I don’t think Glee should win any TV or production based rewards, because all of that is disastrous. More people need to hate on Glee as a show for them to fix anything b/c whatever they’re doing right now is saved by the attraction people have to the songs.

  6. Sue Sylvester… i hate her character, how she ruins everything (evil laugh) 😛

    @bannatreasures: “Rachel is the most annoying character in the history of annoying characters.” ~ liked it! 😉

  7. I’m not a big fan of the show, but I do like the songs from the say, There are a couple of them that I like their cover version better than the original version.

  8. I can somewhat stand the covers they do, in small doses of course – but I absolutely agree with you, I can’t stand this show. I think part of my dislike has to do with a bunch of people around me telling me I “have to watch it”. Umm, no I’m good thanks haha.

    Great post!

    • You’re right! The more people tell me to watch something (or participate in a trend), the less inclined I am to do so. Thank you for the compliment, and I’m glad you agree ❤

  9. I kinda like Glee, well.. The songs are great,the whole idea of the show but I think what I don’t like is the girl, the main character. I think they could have chose other girl that could portray the role a lot better.

    • You mean Rachel? I think this show has a lot of strong male & female leads…it’s never really about just one of them. It zooms in on different plots & characters, and that part is cool, but everything about the plot and characters is so polarized and exaggerated that you don’t really associate yourselves with anybody. A good show should make you feel like you can step into a character’s shoes…can’t do that here!

    • To each their own! To me, the show has just strayed MUCH too far from reality….I don’t find myself sympathizing (or empathizing) with any of the characters anymore.

  10. oh i also don’t like watching glee because of the stereotypes. my sister enjoyed the first season but she has stopped watching it from then. i like the songs though, i check them out on youtube. glad to find your blog so i can follow it through the 30 days too! i hope to finish, and i wish you do too and have the most fun along the way! 🙂

    • I would use Youtube but it takes so long to buffer in my apartment that Hulu is actually quicker..weird, but true. Thank you so much! With support from other bloggers like yourself, I’m sure we’ll all make it through the 30 days!

  11. The music is great but like you, I hate the show. I am a huge fan of Lynch too but even she cannot get me to waste even an minute of my time. If I had thought about Glee before Twitter came to mind, I would have chosen that instead.

    • Glad we’re on the same page with this one then Tom. Because I really, REALLY hate the show. They’re so talented that it’s unfortunate that I (along with many others apparently) see them in such negative characters that I don’t even want to listen to them sing sometimes. I put off watching a new episode until it’s about to expire and even then, I only listen to the songs. I’m with you though – was never a fan of Twitter!

  12. I haven’t listened to all the songs but so far there was only one I liked, Summer Rain by the main guy haha

    lol yeah that’s true. They’re all horrible characters XD That’s why after a while I read the summaries and then decided I didn’t care hahaa

    you SHOULD just rant for pages LOL I would so read it xD

    I didn’t like what they did with the ‘stupid’ cheerleader. They overdid the whole stupid thing. I hate it when TV does that, I think they do it for comedic value but it’s not funny.

    • LOL to be honest, I just wanted to do other things so I didn’t take the liberty of writing a lot tonight. Although it’s now almost 4AM so I’m off to bed. They overdid the stupid cheerleader WAY too much. It’s ridiculous, not funny at all anymore, and pathetic.

  13. lol.. I thought Glee was like so last year or the year before or something.
    Granted I didn’t watch the whole series and stopped after maybe 20 or 30 after you were talking about it.. but-
    Rachel is the most annoying character in the history of annoying characters.

    Yeah everything was overdone. But even though this was exaggerated, I’m sure bad stuff happened in our hs too, we just didn’t really see too much of it.

    The whole slushy thing is stupid, and if the bullies in that school really thought it was “cool” to do that instead of punching the other person in the face…….

    Hm. I just watched for the teacher romance between the clean freak and the main teacher but after a while that got really stale so I stopped I think right before she got a (dentist?) boyfriend xD The kids were annoying and Rachel was just blah blah blah oh I like Flynn blah blah blah oh I like the teacher! Blah blah blah blah blah I’m the best singer here blah blah blah how dare you give the solo role to someone else blah blah blah…

    yeah ok going back to studying now XD

    • Yeah I mean I can rant for pages and pages. They’re ALLL like that. They are all so WHINY.

      Kurt is all like blah blah blah i’m gay blah blah blah depressed blah blah blah blah nobody understands me blah blah blah blah i can sing better than rachel blah blah blah omg my voice cracked blah blah blah life sucks blah i beat the odds so can you.

      And omg you basically captured Rachel in a nutshell (paragraph). She is SO annoying.

      When I watch Glee, I skip to the songs and listen to those instead. This show just SUCKS.

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