Day 02: Guilty Pleasures

Day 02 — Not including food, blogging, or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate) is…

Were you hoping I would admit to porn? Never! My porn stash is hidden so deep I can’t even remember where I put it (JK I don’t have one). Initially, I wanted to respond to this with a resounding NAIL ART but then I realized that…I feel no guilt towards my love of nail art. This meant some further contemplation. After much pondering, here is my revised conclusion:

My most guilty pleasure is Neopets. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I still frequent the website

Am I proud of it? Not quite. Not anymore, anyway. Neopets has been a wonderful lifelong journey for me. The site itself wasn’t the source, but it sparked a series of decisions that introduced me to my love of graphic design. I met my first boyfriend (An online thing that lasted for about three months when I was 16, though we still talk on and off to this day) because he was the administrator of a graphic design forum. I joined forums that taught me how to *ahem* excel at the art of Neopets, helping me earn money by means I hadn’t known existed. Along my forum journey (blogged about various times – see here, here, here, and here), I met the man who I lost my virginity to. Unfortunately, he goes to college at UPenn and I’m at NYU, so a relationship ended up not being feasible for both of us.

The point is, I don’t regret these things at all. They’ve shaped me and made me who I am, and I’m at a happy place.

But the fact that I still play Neopets, a site I discovered in 4th grade, OVER TWELVE YEARS AGO, is astounding and extremely scary to me when I sit down and think about it. I have been a member of this site for 12 out of my 20 years.

Holy shit, that is like 3/5ths of my entire lifespan to date.

The site, however, is on a decidedly downhill slope as the original creators, the master genius(es?) Adam and Donna sold off the site to Nickelodean several years ago. Now, you would not recognize the site for what it used to be, and the target population has quickly descended from the bored college population it was intended for to little10-15 year old children who still believe in Web 2.0 icons and the Tooth Faerie.

And changing the website’s target population would be fine, but Nick Jr. had the splendid idea of charging for all sorts of extra goodies. You can buy Neocash and show off how rich you are “IRL” by spending hundreds of real, US Dollars on pixels with which to decorate your pet, neohome, or even habitarium.Isn’t that lovely, let’s target spoiled little kids who can get their parents to buy them Neocash (and Pryanka) into spending all of their pocket money on an online website.

The capitalization/commercialization of Neopets has turned this website from a source of fun into a money-hungry slut that will let you do whatever you want with her, as long as you pay her enough.

SMH. I feel so guilty I still go on this website.

In my defense, I only participate in plot events now in so my account will look nice and have limited edition event trophies and avatars everybody else can be jealous of. Also, I am worth too much on that website in Draiks and Krawks to ever quit for real. I just can’t bring myself to flush 3/5ths of my life down the drain.

Yeah. SMH. Total guilty pleasure.



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32 thoughts on “Day 02: Guilty Pleasures

    • I feel like everybody loved Neopets at some point! It’s really unfortunate it has gone…I used to dream of a future when my babies would inherit my Neofortune (LOL) but alas, that day will probably never come. Thank you, again, for the lovely comment! Keep them coming ❤

  1. I honestly feel SO close to you right now. Neopets was a huge part of my life. I spent HOURS on the site and I even had premium for a year and a half (I think).
    My thing was avatars and I think I had almost 220 before I left in 2008.
    I worked so hard to get all of my pets painted (baby, plushie, royal) and I loved my guild, but then everything changed. I didn’t like what Nickelodeon did to the site and I hated the new looks of the pets. Also the site just shifted and since a lot of my friends left I ended up leaving too.

    I miss it sometimes and I entertain the thought of making a new account and playing occasionally, but I just don’t think it would be as fun…

    • Yess most of the friends I made have long gone. Actually when I got on campus…I had my entire floor Freshman year back on the site. It was ridiculous, I had at least 1 NYU neofriend on almost 24/7. I think you should make an account just to do events….they haven’t lost their touch in making those run really well yet! You can send me a neofriend request! I’m kaprizz.

      • That sounds completely AMAZING! Sooo many people. 🙂
        The most irl friends I ever had on the site was 3.
        I’ll definitely do that then!

  2. I wish you had said Porn @@ Sorry, I’m a sex addict :)) but only with one guy and THE guy :))
    Neopets sounds cool! I thought that it was something like Tamagochi but I was completely off!

  3. I used to have a Neopet, I totally forgot about those! Wow, thats quite a long time for me too, flashback! It’s hard to let go of those things we were attached to as kids, and if I search hard enough my account on Neopets may still be up and running too lol

  4. LMAO. I wish you’d said porn instead… Anyways I just remembered I added an extra hour and a half to my work shift, so I’m stuck here, so I’m commenting on your wordpress a lot. Anyways, I still can’t believe you still play neopets… ha. I’m pretty sure I stopped playing that when I stopped being friends with Jillian and Sarah cause they made me sign up for it…. anyways, I guess that would be a good instance for a guilty pleasure.

    • Didn’t you have a cow (or Kau) pet with Jess sometime in high school too? Yeah I still play BUT ONLY MAJOR SITE EVENTS!! I don’t just go on for fun anymore because it isn’t really fun anymore. Yeah I’m in lecture so I’m responding to everything…do you see how many more comments I’ve been getting recently? So awesome!

      • Congrats, IDK why it didn’t alert me that you replied to this… Anyways yea one day in English we were really bored and made an account and named the cows all chocolate milk, and than never went on it again… ha. You have been getting a lot of comments! The other day I got two spam comments, so I consider myself to be famous now. Ha.

      • LOL you are totally famous now! I think the reason I’ve gotten more attention is because my poetry was featured on a blog…and then I signed up for the 30 day challenge and that attracted other bloggers doing the challenge. It’s funnnn!

  5. I played neopets for years of my adult life. I finally give my account (with oh so many neopoints) to a little girl I babysat. She thought I was the coolest EVER.

    • I can’t give my things away lol. I’m a hoarder and worth tens of millions more than I’d care to donate haha. I’m saving it, maybe I’ll let my kid play on it someday 😀

  6. Good morning. I wanted to let you know your poem is featured today on Poetic License. Thanks again for allowing me to share it. As for Neopets… that’s what I call a guilty pleasure. Commercialization has ruined lots of things!

    Some of the things people do in their youth are hard to give up. I can understand your love of Neopets. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure for you but there is no shame in it! The question is, are you being honest about the porn stash (smile)!

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