Day 06: How to burn yourself with Ramen

Day 06 — My worst cooking disaster involved ______ and this person/these people…

You mean you want me to just write about ONE? As a college student who, as I said yesterday, gets pampered by her parents…I don’t cook much.

In fact, the most I usually do is heat up Ramen and crack in an egg when I’m feeling particularly adventurous. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. The Ramen’s in the pot, boiling merrily away. In a few minutes, I’ll go add in my egg. It will be delicious and easy.

But this cooking incident (involving nobody other than myself) is even more pathetic than messing up with Ramen on the stove.

You know why?

Because I messed up MICROWAVEABLE RAMEN! Such blasphemy, I know. I was microwaving some Cup Noodles Freshman year in my dorm room. One of my roommates was at home for the weekend, the other was downstairs in Carolyn’s room. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s one of my current roommates. We’ve all been really close ever since we began our undergraduate studies at this university. You’ll hear these names pop up again and again whenever I have to blog honestly about crazy things I’ve done.

I heated up my water and poured it into the Cup Noodles cup. I then went to sit down on my bed with my finished Cup Noodles so I could eat and get some reading done. (You would be surprised at how much of my studying and paper-writing has been done on my bed) As I sat down, the top of the Cup Noodles cup split right down the side and all the boiling hot water and noodles sloshed right down my left side. 

Second degree burns. From Ramen.

To this day, I still have burn marks.

But by no means is this my only one. I’ve put salt instead of sugar when making tea, and sugar instead of salt when cooking. I’ve managed to make Indian food taste bland. I’ve managed to mess up cooking plain white rice.

My mom tells me I’ll never find myself a husband.


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17 thoughts on “Day 06: How to burn yourself with Ramen

  1. Haha.. Most of the people around me told me so.. that I won’t find any man because I don’t know how to cook. Haha

  2. The last line was too funny (though I’m sure it’s very untrue) – ahh the cooking exploits of a college student. I remember those days – I managed to mess up mac and cheese before. That sucks about the burns though! On the plus, makes for a funny story I guess haha.

  3. I’m with you – I don’t know how people have only one messed up meal story! But you know, Ramen is practically an art form. You have skill, it just took some practice getting there 😉

  4. You’ll manage to find a husband 🙂 I hope that you’ll be making better food than ramen at that stage anyway hahaa
    Like… ramen from SCRATCH! That’d be so neat~~
    These kinds of spills happen to me quite a bit, too. Take care!!

  5. You will find a husband who accepts you for you as long as you don’t burn him! Maybe Mariana is correct. How to make Indian food bland must be an art form. I just can’t see that one.

  6. I been burned by ramen too.
    I burned my entire left hand and couldn’t type for an entire week. D:

    Or maybe you’ll just find a husband who loves to cook. 🙂

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