Lost my phone

Just bear with me guys, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and then after an important meeting from 6:30-8:30, my friends and I went to go grab dinner. I should have just gone straight home, but I sucked it up and went with them because I hadn’t seen them in a while.

Well, turns out that I managed to lose my phone. Sober. ARGHHH.

I went to the bathroom to put in my contacts, and then I left my phone in there (I took it in because I was texting Varun too, otherwise I would have left it on the table). I went back literally a minute later to go get it because Aimee asked me what he had said. I told her I wouldc heck and then had a facepalm moment and ran back to go get it.

And it was nowhere to be found! I left them my information and I’ll call the restaurant later today to see if it turned up while cleaning, but the odds are that it’s gone. 

Fuck. My. Life.

It was new too 😦 Hardly 4 months old =/


12 thoughts on “Lost my phone

  1. geez I think you misnamed this, sounds like it was stolen :/ it was only a moment of leaving it on its own too.. i’m sorry! btw just emailed you.

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