Day 12: Booty Poppin

Day 12 — My favorite song to dance and sing to when no one is looking is…

*giggle* This is such a fun one, I can’t wait to see everybody else’s responses! I’m so sorry mine is late. Time to play catch up on my blog and on all of my followers too! You know that my Gmail gets like 50ish wordpress emails a day? There’s got to be a way to minimize that stuff, I’ll figure it out. For now, I just have them automatically go to a folder that I can just click through at my convenience. But I’m really looking forward to the Day 12 posts! I LOVE music!!

I think this is unconventional if you’re getting to know me, but I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of rap, hip hop, and R&B music. If you get to know me though, you’ll understand why the music fits my personality so well.

In fact, its no secret that Lil Wayne is my secret husband. He just doesn’t know it yet. I tweet to him (kind of obsessively actually. I bet he’s super creeped out by me if he does, indeed, update his own Twitter). But I’ve bought all of his albums, I listen to his mixtapes, his EP’s, and his featured tracks, all fifty billion of them. I am a diehard fan. Last semester, a whole wall of my dorm room was dedicated to YMCMB posters (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires). My Neopets account is named lilwayne. It’s actually not used for anything except that I can say that I own the account and feel badass about it to myself once in a while. It isn’t my main account or anything!

But music that I sing & listen when nobody is looking….I’ll just show, not tell. Enjoy the following youtube videos! I will restrain from posting one where I am singing or dancing. (No but really, this is probably a guilty pleasure – grinding in front of a mirror to all this awesome rap and hip-hop music)

Just to mix it up a bit, although I know I don’t really have an Indian viewership, there are a few songs in here that really get me dancing every time I hear them. The non-Indian songs are oldies. I think these are the ones I play when I’m alone because they’re old and when I’m in a group, we listen to more recent things. I have the lyrics to all of these pretty much memorized, both English and non-English!

Also one last (proud) note – I saw the singers to the first song perform it live in India by mistake. We were all headed out to eat while in Jaipur and they were performing in the plaza there. Totally unplanned, but so worth it!

Kay done. I love me some Lil Wayne ❤


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