Day 13: Shenanigans

Day 13 — I once got so drunk that I lost control. This is what I was told I did, and I have no reason to doubt it…

Oh dear. This is like asking me to recount every weekend my freshman year at New York University. After growing up in a super conservative household with no freedom, when I moved into my dorm, I partied HARD. Or as hard as a girl with my upbringing can party, at least.

I had a really close group of friends, and every weekend involved alcohol, going out for food or bars that didn’t ID us, and just generally having a great time. In this post, I want to share two particularly epic stories from freshman year shenanigans. You’ll get a chuckle (or two) out of these!

Story #1 – The Spooning Stalker

I’m not sure if this took place before or after Story 2, so I can’t really situate it anywhere. I’m not even sure what semester it was anymore haha. I know it was after Thanksgiving because my third roommate was Christine and not Lauren (The horrible white chick roomie drama I blogged about earlier). Friends and I were partying down on the 6th floor of Rubin. I had a lot of friends on that floor (In fact, Carolyn’s boyfriend/my friend Tommy lived there) Because this is sort of important for later, know that I lived on the 12th floor with Luna and Christine. Carolyn was on the 11th with Sara and Misha.

At this party, there was this other kid, Jay. He and I were acquainted, we hung out in the same Rubin friend circle, and consequently saw each other most weekends. Nothing beyond a casual friendship and a smile if we ran into each other on the streets. That night the party moved over to another dorm on the 6th floor and there were pong tables set up. We faced off and I was a couple shots of tequila in. I hate (read: despise) beer so whenever we played pong, half the cups were tequila and the other half beer. I did the tequila shots and my partner did the beer. So hardcore, I know right.

This time, Carolyn and I were on opposite sides. To keep with the South Asian vs. East Asian theme we had going, Tommy faced off against me with Carolyn (They weren’t dating yet, that part comes later) and I partnered up with Jay. I think we beat them that game.

Fast-forward through a generally excellent night and I headed back up to my room ~3 AM. I had work at 8AM the following day so I called it a night earlier – Luna was still downstairs. I went back up to my room after making my rounds of hugs and kisses and changed out of my dress, crawled into bed, passed out. Was late, was drunk. Probably didn’t drink enough water.

I woke up to…well…being groped. In my bed! WTF?

Right so my heart’s beating a mile a minute, I push off the hands and turn around. See Jay in my bed.

What the hell is Jay doing in my bed!?

This is the question I’m asking myself. (Gosh I’m rambling, sorry). I left the door deadbolted open so Luna could get in later, and Jay’d only been to my room like once or twice before, and this was just beyond weird. After convincing him I was, in fact, not drunk enough to make out with him, I gave up getting him out of the room and just went to sleep. I was tiiiired.

Woke up again later to both my roommates hovering over me with “wtf” looks on their faces. Luna asks me who was in our bed (We had our beds pushed together and shared a huge king (and then some) sized bed. More sprawl space! Anyway I turned around and pretended to act surprised that Jay was there, and we both managed to roll him over to a corner & sleep. I woke up ~5AM and he was gone. I almost thought I imagined the whole thing until my roommates confirmed that this bizarre thing had actually happened. Haha we make fun of Jay for it to this day. He was blacked out and doesn’t remember any of this.

Story #2: When I Blacked Out

I’m going to keep this one short, because this is already a super long post and because the story of this night is still somewhat fuzzy for me. The details are few and far between, and the pictures are safely locked away in a photo album only we have access to. Oh man this was a ridiculous party.

I blacked out 😛 I think the last I remember from the night was having already had 10 shots in the course of 1-2 hours. Then I know we started playing Kings or Truth or Dare and I went to the bathroom a few times….

The rest is history. I woke up the following morning in Elvin’s t-shirt, but in my own bed.

Haha apparently the night consisted of me RECEIVING a lap dance from Hans (A really good friend to this day haha), me GIVING a lap dance to him (or to Matt? Can’t tell from the pictures…only know that the dude was black lmao). There was cross-dressing and there were scandalous pictures and there was truth or dare or something and just….shit went down.

The best part though, is what I did blacked out. I TOOK A SHOWER. And by that, I mean I locked myself in, sat under the shower fully clothed, and just let it run for like 40ish minutes. Apparently I freaked my roommates out and they were trying for quite a while to get me to open the door. Then I was stupid drunk and they had to help me change into dry clothes =/ Oh man, at least I was able to put on my bra & underwear by myself but really, that’s just stupid. I only thank myself for not doing something stupider like hooking up. Isn’t it funny though? Most people black out and try to hook up/make out with random people (*coughJaycough*) but I just sit in my shower.

LOL there’s another unexplainable picture where everybody is just topless and doing pushups. WTF. I still don’t know everything that happened that night, but it was pretty fun.

So yeah, crazy stories from freshman year. Now we’re all too busy to have these epic shenanigans, oh well.


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3 thoughts on “Day 13: Shenanigans

    • LOL those photos are safely locked away in the vaults of our memories. I don’t even know if those are up on FB. I think we saw and then pretended they didn’t exist. Oh man, such fun nights.

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