A Little Bit Overwhelmed

Dear (my lovely followers), I have decided that WordPress’s “follow” button is a CRAPPY way to follow masses of people. It’s fine to follow one or two of your favorite friends/bloggers, but it’s really REALLY impractical to follow all you Blogging Honesty bloggers.

Today, I logged into my Gmail and had over 100 emails. It’s an overwhelming amount! I know part of the challenge is reading everybody else’s posts, but this isn’t the best way I don’t think.Β 

I will add everybody to a separate section of my Bloglovin account! I don’t know who uses this site, but I know I do to follow all my nail artist friends/bloggers, so I’ll make a separate folder to follow all of you! Much easier and will make me feel a little more capable of handling this high an amount of reading and writing.

I’m also studying for LSAT’s and trying to write final papers right now, so it just isn’t feasible for me to comment on every post I read. Right now I’m catching up on last week’s backlog of not reading posts, though I’ve managed to almost catch up writing them.

Just bear with me. I love everybody’s responses, and I’m reading them, but if you see me unfollow you on WordPress, you know why. I’m still following you via Bloglovin instead! It’s a much more manageable way to keep track of everyone.

I can’t promise I’ll comment on everything, everytime. But I’m still reading!

8 thoughts on “A Little Bit Overwhelmed

  1. LOL yeaaaah. My email’s overloaded too. I switched it over to one of my backups because I can’t have that on my personal email ahha. Good luck with everything, school takes priority! I’ll be back to the blogging game soon too πŸ™‚

    • I discovered that there’s a way to just limit the email notifications :O I set them to never for most of my followers b/c I don’t follow via email, I prefer RSS feeds or blog readers like Bloglovin instead

  2. Girl, I totally understand what you mean. Sometime last month,I had gone offline for two days…when I logged on my gmail I found like almost 600 new emails. I am the lazy type..I know that if I put off something I will never do it. Telling myself I would read them later would just be a big lie. I did the next best thing. I started over.

    Now every time I find so many emails that make me feel like drowning. I repeat above. My best strategy is to read and act on my emails twice a day for 30mins.

    As for reading on what other Blogging Honesty bloggers have written. I use Tom or Cherlyn’s list of participants to click through and see who has updated something new.

    All the best in your exams..you are putting much effort preparing for them. You will definitely pass πŸ˜‰

    • Yep, that’s what I’m going to do from now onwards. It’s easier to keep track that way instead of being bombarded by emails.

      I’m a classic case though…when I get too much work to do, I don’t do any of it xD I just shut down and procrastinate. Badd habit, I know.

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