Day 16: Resurrection

Day 16 — I’ve just been granted the power of resurrection but I can only use it to bring back one dead celebrity. I would bring back ___ because…

My initial reaction to this question was that…I don’t really know that I’d like to bring anybody back. I don’t follow pop culture enough to really MISS a particular celebrity. I have, to this day, never listened to a Michael Jackson song from start to finish. 2Pac and Biggie are amazing and have cult followings, but I’ve never really listened to their music or been inspired by them enough to wish them back to life, and I don’t want to waste an answer for the sake of needing an answer.

This is all about honesty right?

Steve Jobs? Whitney Houston? Selena? That guy from The Dark Knight? I honestly have NO idea. They’re all celebrities, and rightly so, but I have no connection to them. They’re not related to me, I have no investment in their lives, alive or dead 😦

Anne Frank? Is she even a celebrity? Is Elie Wiesel still alive, for that matter?

Honestly, I know no dead celebrities I want to bring back. Of all the names I threw into this post, Selena would be my top choice, her story really touched me. But for now, nobody. I’m so sorry 😦


List of rules and questions is here

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14 thoughts on “Day 16: Resurrection

    • Everybody calls me Pry, but you have to pronounce it Pree not pry. Because my real name is pronounced Pree-anka 😀 Soooo please, call me Pree, spell it Pry, and we’re golden.

      Yes I did like the song! It’s going to get its own post 😀

      • Wow. I look forward to the post and that is how I did pronounce it in my mind. But now I don’t want to be like everyone else so maybe I won’t call you that!

      • Well good luck ❤ Not everybody does. My ex used to call me Prybaby lmao. Also, Nabila of bannatreasures calls me Kapry. Another friend of mine used to call me Prizzles, and then there was another who called me Togepry. Aside from just normal Pry, thats some of the quirkier ones.

  1. I’d feel bad for Anne Frank if she was resurrected. The diary was a personal diary right? It was published without her permission wasn’t it?

  2. No need to be sorry. Pryanka I am going to send you one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs and I would like for you to listen to it start to finish. It’s not one of his most popular but I really like it. Let me know what you think. Remember – start to finish!

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