My Week in Snapshots


My Week at a Glance

I’m going to pre-schedule my posts for the remainder of the week between today and tomorrow. I’m going to be extremely busy Wednesday – Sunday! New blog posts will be put up at midnight, so at least I’ll be consistent with my posting this week! Hopefully they’ll be less rushed than my posts last week this way! I’ll still be reading everybody else’s though, so don’t worry.
I’m going to be taking the PreProBono Weekend Law School/LSAT Prep program this weekend at NYU’s Vanderbilt Hall. I’ve blogged about it before here. Check out their website for more info, and of course I’ll update my blog with my experience after the weekend is over. Monday morning, when I’m super exhausted.
I need at least 10 pages of essay written for my Classical Literature and Philosophy class. It will involve Plato in some way, but I know nothing beyond that. There are several prompts to choose from.
As you guys read earlier this week, I lost my phone/had it stolen when I left it in the bathroom of a restaurant for a minute. I know it’s entirely my fault, so I was in tears when my father bought me a new HTC Vivid. I’m really grateful for my amazing parents, I didn’t deserve a replacement. I no longer have his number…I’ll probably never hear from him again.
I’m having lunch with Sim tomorrow! I’m actually really excited about this, haven’t seen him for a while. Stalk my blog, we have quite a rocky history, but I do miss him and wish we were closer.
Allll the work I have to do. In addition to the LSAT weekend and the Philosophy paper, I have 2 other papers I must get started on plus plenty of reading to do ahead of time for next week since I’m busy this weekend


Can I do it all? YOU BETCHA! I will persevere and conquer, muahaha. I’m enjoying this…I was getting so bogged on by the pressure of HAVING to update that it wasn’t fun. That’s why I’ve pretty much abandoned the nail art blog idea. I would have had to pick between the two, and I love this one way, WAY too much. I love nail art but my complete hatred/laziness when it comes to uploading photos makes blogging pretty hard. I’ll stick to bulk uploading nail art onto my FB album whenever I have a mind to do it. Unless my schedule opens up…like during the summer or something.

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