Day 18: High School Hell

Day 18 — I would agree or disagree that high school is/was the time of my life bedcause…

I think a lot of things are overrated. High school is one of them. I never went to Junior prom, but I went to Senior prom with my two best friends. No dates 😛

High school sucked though. Sucked a lot. It wasn’t racism, because thankfully that’s one thing I avoided, but the students were very close-minded.

Nobody was openly homosexual. I remember that my senior year, one girl got caught kissing another in the hallway and the rumors that flew around were ugly and twisted. The things people said were cruel and twisted and just horrible overall. Now, as a senior in college, I can safely say that my education at New York University has made me appreciate the LGBTQ community much MUCH more. My university is pretty liberal, and it is one of the campuses (I use the word campus loosely here) where being openly homosexual is not a problem. Nobody is judging, and homophobia is practically nonexistent. My high school was not like that. I identify as straight, but regardless, the stupidity present in the high school teenager’s mind is mind boggling to me now.

That’s the next point – I think most kids in high school are stupid. They are stupid because they can’t accept diversity, and they are just plain stupid because they know so little but act like they  know so much. They can be doing something completely wrong, but they don’t wanna hear about it. It’s stupid! They think that if another person isn’t like them, doesn’t think the same way….then that person should be labeled as an outcast.

I think back to my high school experience mostly with disgust and revulsion. I am so glad I don’t see or speak to most of these kids again. I am sure they’ve grown up to be better people, but I have no faith. I was never “popular” but I came out of high school with some great friends. I’ve met some genuine people, but I don’t think that high school is specifically to thank for that. Everybody comes across lifetime friends throughout life – I just happened to meet a few of them in my school.

Oh I could launch into a whole tirade about a huge betrayal/drama that took place in 8th grade, but maybe that will be a different post, and I don’t want to taint this with my longstanding grudge.

High school made me hate…to some degree…the desi community. I’m not white, I’m brown. I get that. But oh lord do I hate Indian people as friends. They are such backbiting bitches. The guys dress like fobs, and don’t even get me started on my dislike for the Indian accent. Oh my gosh, I cannot deal with them. I’ll try to separate that into another post though, like I said, going into the story behind this hatred. It is not ill placed, I assure you.

I didn’t like high school. It was full of cliques and once you got stuck, that’s where you were. Now I have very diverse circles of friends and I am the person I always wanted to be but couldn’t be in HS. It is a breeding ground of oppression.

Blah. High school. So glad it’s over, would not go back and repeat it for anything.

Brief note on senior ditch day – welcome to reality people, it isn’t the biggest day of your life. I literally laughed out loud at how stupid they sounded making it such a big deal. Nothing’s a big deal in high school. Down the road, none of it will matter. Aside from the academics, they’ll matter. And maybe the extra-curriculars. But ultimately, the people matter way less than the resume you take away from senior year.

I just had a really bad overall experience. I enjoyed some key aspects of it, but overall, I disagree that high school was awesome. It was hell and I am so glad to be out of it.



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