Day 21: Read My Blog!

Day 21 — The person or persons that do not read my blog but I wish he/she/they would is/are:…

That was a little bit of a mouthful, wasn’t it?

I wish that Jessica read my blog! I’m not very….shy of my online life in general. I love talking to people about things, and my real life friends know all about what’s happening on my online world. And vice versa! I’m really genuine – the only difference is that I allow myself to be more flirty/crude online than I am in person. But anyway, I don’t hide my blog from anybody. I don’t openly promote it on FB that much – I have mentioned it here and there a few times, but not a lot.

Most of my close friends have blogs of their own (Shoutout to Nabila and Melissa, among others listed on my blogroll) or actively follow me. For example, both of my roommates are e-mail subscribers to updates on the blog. In fact, Misha is probably reading this right now, since update emails get sent to her phone which she will check when it buzzes. So hello 😀

The one friend of mine that doesn’t read my blog when I very much wish she did would be my friend Jessica. I don’t think you guys need a whole post detailing how amazing a friend she’s been over the years – you can probably search her name in my blog and find a dozen entries. But to dedicate a short and sweet paragraph to her – I met her in 8th grade! I met her through an acquaintance (I say acquaintance because we had the same-ish class schedule that year and were on good friendly terms. We became close but then drifted apart shortly thereafter) who I no longer really speak to. No ill feelings or anything, we just grew apart. I ran into her in the subway once last semester though, and we had a nice catch-up ride into the city together haha.

The first time I met Jessica, I thought she was totally loundmouthed and completely free-spirited – a very different person from myself. The project that brought us together *brace yourself* was a dance routine that we were preparing for the International Community Club’s (ICC) Dance Showcase. It was pretty epic and I remember that we really, really bonded when choreagraphing and practicing the routine. We would meet up at each other’s houses and order Pizza. We went to the mall to shop for our dance outfits and got some real studio time and choreography help from Jessica’s dance instructor.

Overall, it was a phenomenal experience! Jessica has been one of my closest friends since then, and we have rode the rollercoaster of the high school experience together. We were there for each other’s “first” everything, and we’ve been there for each other through thick and thin year after year. Once, I fought with her for a week and it was pure TORTURE. We weren’t speaking and after 3 or 4 days, it got so bad that our MOMS actually forced us to go talk to each other. I was so grumpy and mad at the world and my mom was like – go you need to fix things with Jess. This was pretty recent, so we weren’t little kids or anything. But yeah, she’s like my sister & my other half. She’s called my mom “mom” by mistake. She loves my mom’s coffee milkshakes, fondly referred to amongst my friends as Cold Coffee.

Just….there are so many memories. You see me rambling? She means a lot to me, but her ONE vice is that I cannot for the life of me get her to follow or read my blog. I wish she would – I’m going to link her to this post. You all should post comments and encourage her to join as well ❤

So yes, Jess, it would mean a lot to me if you read my blog! You’re the one and only person I know who I wish would read my blog (that doesn’t already).




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