Day 22: The Pros and Cons of Loving Pryanka

Day 22 — Allowing another person to fully love me means they must…

My mommy starts her first day at a new job in the morning, so everybody who reads this has automatically wished her luck ❤ Moving on, the questions for Day 22 and 23 were rather difficult. I suppose I should be grateful they were asked on a weekend but this weekend I was MAD busy. I had my LSAT Prep Course this weekend, and it took up quite a long time!

For another person to fully love me, he must

  • Know and accept my past. The good parts and the bad parts.
  • Understand and at the very least, respect my view of online relationships and the power of online socialization. My first “boyfriend” was online. I made some very strong friendships over the years.
  • Allow me my nail polish addiction. I promise not to waste his money on it though!
  • I’m clingy. He has to not get irritated or shut me off. I want to be there for him, but I always end up crossing the line and just like….being there too much, if that makes sense? Like if you don’t feel good, talk to me. So if he loves me, he’ll understand my need to sort things out face to face
  • Never end an argument with the cold shoulder. If we fight, that’s fine, but no childish arguments that involve us not talking to each other for days.
  • Enjoy talking to me on Skype or over the phone. IDK if we don’t text much, but good morning phone calls are the best
  • Enjoy cuddling me
  • Never try to buy me off with money. I want him, not his money
  • Be faithful. Period.
But even though I’m making you a list, I don’t believe that I need any sort of criteria for how a man can love me. If he loves me and I’m with him, that must mean he is doing something right. And if he is doing something right, then I will know that he loves me and we will continue to stay together.
(: I don’t quite understand how I can make demands from a man. There are only the basics – faithfulness being the jist of it. After that, only he will know how to love me, because he will understand me better than myself. He’ll know what I need. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t love me, right?


List of rules and questions is here

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14 thoughts on “Day 22: The Pros and Cons of Loving Pryanka

  1. I am right with you on him accepting all of my past and moving on. It’s the best way to have a fulfilling trusting relationship.

    Nails fascinate me too, though am more into henna. Keeps the nails looking fine all the chipping 😉

    • Henna and nails are related? Do explain! I enjoy henna too – I spent a whole summer in India learning the basics, so now instead of paying somebody else, I decorate my family’s hands for big events (:

      • In Mombasa we are big on henna, it’s an influence from the Swahili culture. We do the henna hand paintings too and the designs look beautiful. A henna tattoo is the only tattoo I can allow on my body.
        For the nails, I put fresh henna on my fingernails, after a couple of hours the nails get this beautiful dark chocolate color. That I finish off with top coat nail polish. It looks beautiful. Will take a pic of my nails so you can see my artwork 😉

  2. Pry, I think you made good points and I was right with you until the last paragraph but I guess that depends on how long the relationship has existed and how observant he is. he might not know you better than you know yourself. That takes a lot of dedication but as far as your list, I like it.

    • Well allowing him to love me, to me, means that he knows & accepts my flaws. And honestly, I don’t think it takes a lot for somebody to know you better than yourself. In fact, my opinion is that most people understand you better than you do yourself. They may not know every factual detail, but facts aren’t all you need to really know somebody. But thanks for liking my list 😛

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