Day 27: My Inner Voice

Day 27 — I have an inner voice, and if a friend spoke to me the way my inner voice does at times, I would…

I would probably have avoided many, many sticky situations. Actually, I’ve got to be really honest here – I’ve already avoided many sticky situations because of the friends I do have.

Jessica is basically my inner voice. I am hers too, I hope. Although I’m more of a devilish influence on her.

My inner voice is a little more daring than I actually am. But sometimes it tells me when I should stop and helps me from getting hurt. It isn’t afraid of being brutal honesty.

I don’t think I am able to answer this question properly. I do have a friend who is like my inner voice. I am eternally grateful for her, and I know that I can talk to her about anything with no judgment, just advice. She’s there to simply listen, if that’s what I need, and she’s there to yell at me for being a moron when I so often am one.

So I don’t need to philosophize. I have a friend who is in accord with my inner voice, and I love it. I can always talk things through with her.

Does the honesty sometimes sting when I don’t want to hear the truth? Yes. Yes it does.

But it is so reassuring to know that she’s out there looking out for me the same way my inner voice is.


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6 thoughts on “Day 27: My Inner Voice

  1. Omg that’s awesome that you have friend/s that acts like your inner voice. I swear if there’s someone who acts like my inner voice, I swear I would freak out 😀

  2. hahaha that’s neat! But hmmmm hearing everything in Jessica’s voice.. I feel that it will be in Indian accent all the time.. sometimes I hear her in my head too saying “Thaaaat’s aweeesomeeeee” XD ‘cuz the way she says it is cute 😀

    • OMG lol yeah I know, the accent drives me insane unless it’s in moderation. Minus the accent though….she’s still my inner voice. You’re purely my inner demon LOL. You encourage me and make me bolder ❤

      • LOL I was surprised you didn’t mention that in your blog entry. I knew you were going to say that XD it’s funny because I don’t really have a conscience and you play the part for me sometimes since you know I don’t have one hahaha
        aw man. If she was my conscience she’d have the Indian accent ALL the time LOL She’s so hilarious

        hahaha I just want you to make the most of everything 😀 So she’s the angel and I’m the demon. SWEET I GET THE BETTER ROLE.

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