Day 30: Forbidden Fruit

Day 30 — One question or subject matter if I were asked here on 30 Days of Blogging Honesty I know I would refuse to answer or definitely lie about is…

I would not talk about death. The way the question was posed in this month’s honesty challenge is fine, but I don’t think I would be able to talk about my feelings after a loved one’s death. That is just too personal.

I would not, along a similar vein, want to talk about the “dark stuff” of my childhood. Everybody has those wisps of darkness shrouding their past, no matter how trivial they may seem to others. For me, much of my dark stuff revolves around my relationship with my cousins. There are just some things too painful to come clear about. Too shameful even. I would avoid dredging up those nightmares and keep them in the closet. Door shut tight and forever locked, and that’s how it will stay. There are things about my past that nobody but myself will ever know.

I don’t know if I’d be able to talk brazenly about things I’ve done/lied about that people can later find out and hold against me. If I have done anything illegal in the past, it will not be mentioned. Except for the one time I walked out with a toy balloon (You know the small ones attached to a straw) when I was really young. My mom noticed once we were a block away and we turned back to pay for it. I hadn’t really stolen it intentionally. I was just holding it and then we left and it was still in my hands. I was too young to “steal” and I think I sort of just forgot I was holding it and grabbed my mommy’s hand and left when she said we were leaving.

BUT OTHER THAN THAT, all other illegal matters stay off this blog.

That about sums it up. Sex (specifics), death, illegal doings, and dark stuff.


Note: It was truly a PLEASURE writing this Blogging Honesty challenge with everybody. I have saved all participants to my Bloglovin account and fully intend to keep updated with everybody’s blogs. Hopefully now that the intensity of posting daily is over, it will be much more manageable to peruse everybody’s blog as they post. I have scheduled this to be posted one minute before midnight. I look forward to completing the challenge, but I must admit that it was quite an ordeal. I had final exams crop up and the LSAT is an ever-looming presence. Still, I persevered and I’ve managed to complete the thirty questions in thirty days. I’m proud of myself! Now I’m going to sit back, breathe, (write two papers before Wednesday) and do a dare soon.

 That’s all, tis done. THE END.



List of rules and questions is here

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13 thoughts on “Day 30: Forbidden Fruit

  1. Congratulations! You were extremely busy but kept up with it. I hope nothing outside of blogging suffered because of the challenge. I’m looking forward to your dare response too.

    Your list of things not to discuss on 30DBH makes a lot of sense.

    • Thank you!!! I was busy, but I felt like pre-writing my responses would be like cheating. That’s just now how I blog xP I shall have to go check out your list as well. And send you a question for next time, yes?

    • Aww Veeh, thank you so much ❤ That is the kindest compliment I have ever received. EVER. You're an amazing person yourself, I'm so glad the challenge allowed for me to meet you. Thanks for the luck, and I look forward to seeing what dare you'll complete as well! Part of me wants to do them all xD

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