That was Intense!

I started the Blogging Honesty challenge because I was seriously starting to lose my motivation to update the blog. I love nail polish and nail art, so I was letting myself be torn between Controlled Derangement and nail polish bloggong on Nail Sparks.

Well, this has taught me that I do, indeed, love Controlled Derangement much more than any other type of blogging I can do. I also realized that trying to be a nail polish blogger meant I would have to upload photos daily. I can’t do that. I just can’t. I’m so bad at uploading photos, what was I thinking? I’m just going to enjoy nail art as a hobby and put mass pictures up on Facebook when I can be bothered. Who was I kidding!?

During the 30 day challenge, Tom was amazing enough to demand that I watch a Michael Jackson music video from start to finish after he read that I’d never really been “into” him, before or after his death.

Here’s the video he shared with me (He sent me the MP3 file, but you guys will make do with the Youtube video I hope) –

Well Tom, thank you so much for sharing the song with me. It was…a good song, but I’m sorry, it just isn’t the kind of music I listen to. Not on repeat anyway, at least. I listened to it, and I haven’t removed it from my iTunes, but I don’t think I’m going to purposefully play it again 😦 It’s fine for when my iTunes is on shuffle though.

I don’t know, I’m just not impressed by the music at all. Really not my type of music. He was a great singer and performer, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just not a fan. I never was, and this sort of re-affirmed why.


12 thoughts on “That was Intense!

  1. You might not be a fan of his music, but I think you should check out his music video for Thriller. I believe it holds the title for best music video.

      • LOL but it’s a lot of work for a music video! I don’t listen to his music either- but even I have to admit that the music video is like a mini-movie- and all the makeup and choreography? That’s not your average music video XD

  2. I like it when you blog religiously everyday. Now I’m just disappointed every time I click on your site. Which is a lot. XD

  3. Hey Pry, I wasn’t trying to make you a convert but since you had never listened to one of his songs all the way through I picked one that was kind of obscure. Besides, I think he has enough fans!

      • Hi Banana! Do you want me to recommend Michael Jackson songs or any songs that I like? I would love to share. Did you like Stranger In Moscow?

      • Both! I don’t listen to a lot of music at all, mostly instrumentals so any recommendations would be great! Stranger in Moscow was nice. I really liked the video for that though.. the rain and the way they filmed it was so fitting, it was a beautiful video 🙂

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