Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hello errybody!

I think most mothers love personalized gifts, or gifts with meaning. Some sort of inside joke or special reminder to a time they felt empowered, in charge, beautiful, and loved.

I’m going to forego the basics – flowers, cards, and chocolates, and focus on some truly meaningful presents you can give to your mother this Sunday, May 13. At the end, I’ll reveal my plan as well 😀

1. Candles

  • When I was in India a few years ago (It must have been been the summer after senior year if I recall correctly), I took a small little class in candle-making. Although it’s not that hard to make your own BEAUTIFUL candles with some basic wax and coloring and molds, it doesn’t exactly involve everyday household items. Unfortunate. The house is already adorned with my candle creations I made that year – we rarely burn them, but they’re quite gorgeous to look at.

Bed, Bath & Beyond – $2.99
 Etsy – Cherry Blossom Luminaria – $2.50/each (Can be personalized)

2. Family Tree Themed Items

  • My mother has always, ALWAYS wanted a large family tree. We have such an extensive family though, that this would make for quite the extravagent showpiece.
  • I’m actually working on a very large project that will create my family’s family tree going back at least 3 generations! It’s extensive and will probably be my mom’s birthday present this October so I can finish all of the research and get it properly printed and framed over the summer.

Etsy – Blank Family Tree Chart, $12.50/2


3. Time Off

  • Mommy almost always gets coupon booklets that I’ve created for her. These allow her things like “1 night off”, “1 facial, manicure, and pedicure”, “1 dinner not made by her” and other such cutesy things.

Okay I’m out of ideas and feeling guilty for procrastinating my paper so much. Will update later, let me know if you guys have any cute suggestions!

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day?

I’m going to reveal my present to my mom after I’ve given it to her just in case somebody in my family sees this post first!


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