My Favorite Midnight Coffee Recipe

This is what I sip on when I’m up late writing a paper. I prefer it to Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy and all that other energy drink bullshit. This tastes yummy ❤

What You Need:

– Coffee Singles (Maxwell House has coffee bags and Nescafe has their Tasters Choice Singles)
– Creamer (1 Original, 1 Hazelnut) or Milk (Whatever kind you prefer)
– Hot Chocolate Mix (1/2 Packet. More if you want your tea sweeter)

The Steps

  1. Boil water (I have a hot water boiler
  2. Put your coffee in a mug (Either a bag or loose instant coffee will do
  3. With bag, let brew 1 minute, dunk bag 10-20 seconds, remove & toss. With singles, no brewing necessary, the coffee will dissolve
  4. Add creamer or milk (or leave black if preferred). I usually use 1 Hazelnut & 1 Regular creamer cup thingy
  5. Add in hot chocolate mix
  6. Add sugar to taste
  7. Stir. ENJOY.

It’s great. I’m drinking some right now. It’s like a homemade mocha pretty much. Super delicious. I’m going back to my paper now ❤

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Midnight Coffee Recipe

  1. This recipe sounds great. I have always liked mixing hot chocolate with coffee. it makes for a great homemade ice cream too. I know you would like that Pry!

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